Easy Entry Pricing for Continuous Deployment DevOps Tools

By 10/15/2017Deployhub News

Affordable DevOps Tools for Project Teams

DeployHub understands that there is a DevOps tools disconnect in the area of continuous deployment. This is due in large part to the cost of purchasing agent-based ‘application release automation’ tooling. DeployHub Pro is priced affordably, based upon ‘application’ usage, not agent usage. And, DeployHub is agentless.

In this context, an application is a complete set of binaries released as a single software solution, which often maps to a project team. Therefore, your purchase is based on which project teams are using our continuous deployment tools, not on how many endpoints may be running in your production environment.


Subscription pricing (includes Support) Cost
10 Application Pack $6k
20 Application Pack $10k
50 Application Pack $23k
100 Application Pack $40k
Unlimited Applications $75K
OSS Support $25K



Costly  Release Tools Bottleneck to Continuous Delivery Model

Continuous delivery tools,  particularly agent based software deployment solutions, are simply overpriced. Production teams have traditionally turned to usual suspects like IBM and CA for solutions to DevOps challenges. Often, these “top-down” decisions fall short of  ballyhooed ROI used to justify the investment in the first place.

Sound familiar?  Most noteworthy, much of the cost of traditional deployment is driven by the number of endpoints a data center may have. Each endpoint needs an agent, so the pricing is ‘agent’-based.

Beware: If your environment is elastic, you pay for your maximum load.

The dysfunction in acquiring and implementing DevOps tools is that developers do not have big budgets to purchase a ‘one tool for all teams’ solution.  Therefore, developers write a lot of one-off continuous delivery scripts to perform their software deployment. These scripts struggle to adapt from one environment to the next creating very real barriers to continuous deployment and agile success.

DeployHub Open Source

Get started with DeployHub OSS.  An open source version of DeployHub is available  at DeployHub.org.  Application packaging, deployment version control, roll-forward and rollback are all features available in the Open Source (OSS) version.  The application package is be pushed or pulled through the continuous delivery pipeline, adapting deployments to the testing and production environments along the way.

Release management capabilities,  role-based security, release train management and change request burn down rates are features provided by the Pro version.  These features are critical to larger organizations with tracking, security, coordination and audit requirements.

So, get DeployHub and start deploying at a fraction of the cost?