April Newsletter 2020: Homeschooling in the age of Microservices

Message from Tracy Ragan, CEO, DeployHub: 

Grounded. While I would have loved to give you an update from the Linux Foundation Member Summit, it was of course canceled, along with many other conferences.  I guess 2020 will be remembered as the year we impeached a President and started a war with a pandemic all within the first quarter.  Interesting times we are living in, and that’s not all.  In the middle of this, we are creating a modern digital experience of Zoom parties, Crowdchats, and interesting ways to use Facebook Live.

Just imagine our world today without the ability to work from home, Facetime our family or watch some amazing concerts live on YouTube.  And yes, much of this is built on top of a massive cloud environment running containers, Kubernetes and microservices. (Bet you were wondering how I was going to work that in.)

It’s true. We can all watch Netflix because of their ability to massively scale to meet the demand.  Let’s face it, the modern architecture was ‘heaven sent.’  Without it we would all be going super stir crazy.

And all this allows for some quality homeschooling.  While the kids are now learning via the internet, this is a perfect time for us to do the same.  In this newsletter we provide information on Webinars, Conferences and learning institutes that you can take advantage of while you work from home. After all, without the commute you have more time.  As they say, “when you got lemons, make lemonade.”

From our DeployHub family to yours, please stay healthy, stay home and hug those you can.  We send you all healthy vibes.

Tracy Ragan

Tracy Ragan

CEO DeployHub, Microservice Evangelist, & CD Foundation Board Member



New Interface: We are working on a brand new interface for DeployHub.  You told us it needs to be easier. We heard you.  We are driving to get the new look out by mid-May.

Welcome New Ortelius TOC Members: Tara Hernandez (Google and the CD Foundation TOC Board), Christopher William Palmer (Unisys), and Michael Galloway (Netflix) has agreed to join our TOC meetings. They will join Tim Kelton (Descartes Labs), Doug Orr (Google Kubernetes Architect) and Phil Gibbs (Bibby Financial). These brilliant minds will give us feedback on the open source Ortelius road map which includes more integration into service mesh, Spinnaker and Tekton.


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Upcoming Free Virtual Conferences 

April 2 on-demand – Cloud Native Virtual Summit

April Virtual Series – Chris Richardson Workshops on Microservices – sign up to get info.

April 28-29 RedHat Virtual Summit

June 8-12 Wit Connect Virtual Conference

DevOps Institute – SkilUp Cafe – Pod Cast Series




GitLab and DepolyHub presents: The Reality of  Managing Microservices in Your CD Pipeline

April 29th 8:00 PT

As we shift from monolithic software development practices to microservices, our well-designed CD pipeline will need to change. Microservices are small functions, deployed independently and linked via APIs at run-time.  While these differences seem minor, they actually have a large impact on your overall CD structure. Think hundreds of workflows, small of any builds and the loss of a monolithic ‘application.’

Presented by:  Tracy Ragan, CEO DeployHub and Brendon O’Leary, Developer Evangelist, GitLab


AWS and DevOps Institute Presents: How to evolve your Pipeline for Modern Architecture

April 21st 11:00 AM PT

The transition from monolithic applications to microservices, containers, and Kubernetes has been a tremendous boon to most DevOps and IT operations professionals. While worries about Continuous Integration (CI) have waned, it would be unfortunate to forget the importance of Continuous Development (CD). One segment where this is significant is binary repositories. With the massive shift of pipelines toward modern architectures, binary repositories are still relevant and changing.


Tracy Ragan, DeployHub CEO and DevOps Institute Ambassador

Kanchan Waikar, Solutions Architect, AWS



On Demand Viewing from our March Meetup

Security for a Cloud Native World

Presented by Matthew Barker – Cloud Security Architect, Palo Alto Networks

Matthew Barker of Palo Alto Networks explains how to incorporate security into your Continuous Delivery pipeline starting from container scanning to run-time monitoring with a feed back loop. If you are moving to containers, this is a must see. You will learn why you no longer need to worry about security in a Kubernetes containerized environment.


Featured Whitepaper

Understanding the New Kubernetes Pipeline

As you move from a monolithic continuous delivery pipeline to one that will support microservices, there are a few changes you should know about. The impact effects everything from the software compile to the release. This whitepaper covers what you need to know.

Read the whitepaper. 


Featured Blog


microservice pipeline challenges 

Comparing a Monolithic Pipeline to a Microservice Pipeline

In order to adapt to a new microservices architecture, DevOps Teams simply need to understand how our underlying pipeline practices need to shift and change shape. While there are changes, the core competencies we have defined in traditional CD will remain important even if it is just a simple function that we are now pushing independently across the microservice pipeline.

Read it here.


Videos Resources

We have collected together our videos and webinars onto a YouTube channel. In these times of staying away from each other and our coworkers, videos and webinars are a great way to keep learning and feel connected to others! Have a look, there’s a lot to choose from.

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Thanks, and stay healthy everyone. Take care.