DeployHub is CDF Founding Member

DeployHub® is CDF Founding Member  CD Foundation

DeployHub joins thought leadership in the area of Pipelines, particularly Kubernetes Pipelines

Santa Fe, NM – March 12, 2019– DeployHub, visionaries in microservice publishing and sharing, today announced they are CDF founding members, managed by the Linux Foundation. “The timing is right for a conversation on how CD is impacted when we move from monolithic workflows to microservice workflows moving across the pipeline. The Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) is the right place for that discussion” explains Tracy Ragan, CEO, DeployHub, Inc.  

DeployHub was one of the first organizations invited to join the CDF as a founding member. Other founding members include: Alauda, Alibaba, Anchore, Armory, CircleCI, CloudBees, GitLab, Google, Huawei, JFrog, Puppet, Red Hat, SAP, and Snyk.

About the CDF:

The CDF will serve as the vendor-neutral home for the most important open source projects for continuous delivery and specifications to expedite the release pipeline process. CDF will foster collaboration between the industry’s top developers, end users, and vendors to evangelize CI/CD and DevOps methodologies, define/document best practices, provide guidelines, and create training materials to enable any software development team around the world to implement CI/CD best practices.

About DeployHub:

DeployHub is a SaaS based microservice sharing platform for software developers who want to create high performing, modern software for AI, Machine Learning and IoT. DeployHub unleashes the power of microservices by making them easy to find, share and track.  DeployHub empowers development teams to catalog, publish, and deploy microservices and deployable objects across the organization, quickly, and safely, with CI/CD integration.

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Learn more on how DeployHub will become part of the pipeline conversation and work with the CDF.

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