Database Version Jumping in a Continuous Deployment Model

Database version jumping is a required feature if you want to include database updates in your continuous delivery process.  Jumping a schema forward or back allows you to support automated rollbacks or roll forwards as part of continuous deployments.  Most continuous delivery models do not include database updates because they cannot support database jumping.  Key to updating database updates in your continuous delivery process is the ability to automatically apply roll forward or roll back SQL scripts in the proper order.  DeployHub makes database  jumping possible with its back-end incremental deployment engine that understands the order in which the SQL scripts must be executed when moving forward or rolling back.

Version Jumping and Incremental Processing

DeployHub’s database jumping is supported by DeployHub’s unique ability to increment updates to your software releases, between any two deployments, including your database schema. You can easily update from 1.5 to 2.8 and DeployHub uses a back in version control engine to sort out the deltas and perform the release incrementally. No monolithic deployments are required.  This demo shows how it works.

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