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DeployHub at DevOps World 2020

DeployHub at DevOps World 2020 – Breakout Sessions

Join DeployHub at DevOps World 2020 and get into the conversation about microservice trends.  Have you started thinking about what your CD Pipeline might look like in a microservices environment? Have you considered  how configuration management will shift once a software build has been shrunk to a single function?  The time is now to start having these kinds of conversations.  DeployHub at DevOps World 2020 will start a discussion on both of these topics.

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Get Ready for a Kubernetes CD Pipeline

10:00 AM ET – Get Ready for a New Kubernetes CD Pipeline – Steve Taylor, DeployHub CTO Presenting

Join Steve Taylor CTO of DeployHub at DevOps World 2020 for his breakout session on your new Kubernetes CD Pipeline. I know, you have worked hard on building out your CD pipeline, and it is quite nice.  But with a microservice shift, things will change.  Your build will be almost non-existent, branching and merging will be rare, a release candidate is represented by a new container registry (new trigger) and microservices have their own workflows so they can be independently deployed.  All of these changes will impact your monolithic pipeline.  You need to start having a conversation about what the new pipeline will look like before you begin implementing a microservice architecture.  Steve Taylor will cover these topics in just enough detail to get your mental juices flowing.  You can then join Steve in a question and answer session, or visit him at the DeployHub booth in the innovator section to drive deeper into this conversation.  He is an amazing resource.  Don’t miss out. Take advantage of picking his brain.

Wheres the application? The New World of Microservice Configuration Management

12:30 PM ET – The New World of Microservice Configuration Management – Tracy Ragan Presenting

So once you attend Steve Taylor’s amazing session on the changing CD Pipeline, you will get a glimpse of the problem with a loss of configuration management.  Join Tracy Ragan CEO of DeployHub at DevOps World 2020 for a discussion on the loss of the application and traditional configuration management practices.  As you well know, in monolithic development software configuration management is performed at the build step.  During the build, important decisions are made regarding what source code to branch and pull, what 3rd party libraries to use and even include some infrastructure pieces such as the Oracle libraries or Tomcat.  This level of software configuration management normally completed at the build step goes away with microservices.  We will also experience the loss of an application version (normally tracked by build number), bill of material reports, deployment difference reports and change impact analysis.  Tracy will explain why these basic structures are lost in a microservice implementation which causes complexity and confusion often associated to a Kubernetes microservice implementation. Join Tracy after her talk for Q&A or come by the DeployHub booth in the Innovator section. We look forward to having some deep level chats around these important topics.

Tracy Ragan – Panelist

We are proud to announce that Tracy Ragan, CEO will be a panelist on a variety of DevOps topics including Women in DevOps, the Power of Open Source, and DevOps Trends.  In particular, don’t miss the 3rd day Keynote – the Power of Open Source.  This one will open your heart and explain why open source can create community, healing, camaraderie, as well as amazing software.  And if you are interested in diversity in DevOps, the Women in DevOps panel will provide you some interesting feedback on the challenge women face in IT.  So gentlemen, this is something you need to hear.  And if you have daughters – even doubly so.  And to round things out at DevOps World 2020, Tracy will be speaking along with the CloudBees executive team and James Governor of Redmonk on DevOps trends.

Wednesday Sept. 23rd

3:30 PM ET – Women in DevOps and Open Source – Tracy Ragan Panelist

Thursday Sept. 24th

(Yes Tracy is auto-scaling with a Replication Set of 2)

9:00 AM ET – The Power of Open Source Community – Tracy Ragan Panelist

9:00 AM ET – Together We Can – The Future of DevOps – Tracy Ragan joins Sacha Labourey of CloudBees and James Governor of Redmonk on the topic of DevOps Trends.  

10:30 AM ET – A talk with the Continuous Delivery Foundation Governing Board – Tracy Ragan Panelist