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New Mexico DevOps Meetup, Lunch and Learn – July 11, 2019

DevOps Kubernetes Virutal Summit  – August 8th – Kubernetes Pipelines – A case study that gets you ready for microservices. Steve Taylor, CTO DeployHub, Nate Martin, President Sagecore

DevOps World , Tracy Ragan Speaking – August 15th

Open Source Summit – August 2019

KubeCon North America – November 2019

Lilly at AWS

Upcoming Webinars

Configuring Microservices

July 10th, 11:00 ET

Managing a monolithic application is very similar to putting together a lego kit.  You help your kids build it, and then set it on a shelf to admire.  After all, playing with it might break it.  But microservice based applications are more like Transformers.  They change.  And when you are continuously deploying smaller parts of a larger application, you absolutely must have a method of tracking the changes, their configurations, versions and dependencies.  This webinar will review how to manage a transforming application that is no longer one static package. We will discuss what configuration management means to a microservice based application and how it is key to a successful implementation of a service-based architecture.


On Demand Webinars

Mindshare Meetings for Thought Leaders

Join these thought leadership meetings and be part of the open discussion on:

  • What changes to the pipeline are you making for microservices?
  • What issues are you having with tracking microservice deployments?
  • And how can we help each other find solutions?

While these are open meetings, if no topic is suggested, we will discuss the following:

July: How to organize domains for microservices

August – No meeting.  We are at DevOps World

September: Manage users and groups

October: TBD

November: TBD

December: Happy New Year!

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