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Migrating to Microservices – its easier than you think.

October 23, 1PM ET

Presented by Steve Taylor, CTO DeployHub


Moving from a monolithic architecture to a service based architecture may look like a daunting task.  The good news is that it does not need to be. A maturing cloud native tooling market is making it easier to get the job done.  In this webinar Steve will cover the steps required to move a standard J2EE application from a monolithic architecture to a service based architecture. He will cover tools such as Ngnix, Docker, Kubernetes, and DeployHub to manage and configure this new environment.  Anyone with an interest in shifting to microservices will benefit from hearing this ‘roadmap’ presentation.


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Mindshare Meetings for Thought Leaders

Join these thought leadership meetings and be part of the open discussion on:

  • What changes to the pipeline are you making for microservices?
  • What issues are you having with tracking microservice deployments?
  • And how can we help each other find solutions?

While these are open meetings, if no topic is suggested, we will discuss the following:

July: View On Demand – How to organize domains for microservices

August and September off – Steve is at DevOps World and Open Source Summit

October: Understanding the Kubernetes Architecture 

November: No meeting, we are at KubeCon North America

December 5th: News From KubeCon North America

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