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DeployHub joins TAPP – CloudBees Technical Alliance Partner Program

By 10/10/2019August 27th, 2021Deployhub News

DeployHub® joins TAPP to focus on microservice configuration with the CloudBees Core Pipeline

Santa Fe, NM – October 10, 2019– DeployHub  joins TAPP, a CloudBees Technical Alliance Partner Program.  DeployHub, visionaries in microservice configuration management and publishing, today announced they have joined the CloudBees Technical Alliance Partner Program (TAPP) as an Advanced Member. CloudBees TAPP enables ISV partners to align with the CloudBees offerings and the global Jenkins continuous integration community. Learn More.

DeployHub’s microservice configuration management and publishing solution can be called as part of the CloudBees Core software delivery process.  This integration supports a break away from monolithic development practices where CloudBees Core manages hundreds of microservice workflows and DeployHub performs the tracking, versioning and release of the “logical view” of the applications deploying each microservice independently.


DeployHub Joins CloudBees TAPP

This dynamic combination helps organizations migrate to microservices and track their changes and relationships overtime. “CloudBees Core does the hard work of managing and maintaining standards across hundreds of CD workflows, essential when organizations start decomposing their single monolithic application into hundreds of reusable services.”  said Tracy Ragan, CEO of DeployHub. “DeployHub has the ability to track the configurations of microservices and provide a logical view of the application as a whole.”


About CloudBees Core

CloudBee Core is the only CI/CD automation engine with the flexibility to support diverse software portfolios and the unified governance required by growing organizations.

About DeployHub

DeployHub empowers development teams to catalog, publish, and deploy microservices and deployable objects across the organization, quickly, safely on a hosted (SaaS) platform.

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