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DeployHub is committed to forging an ecosystem of partners driven to solve the security response challenge, with a focus on complex decoupled architectures.  A strong ecosystem of partners expands the expertise in these areas and drives critical solutions for our mutual customers. The mission of DeployHub’s Partner Program is to develop strong working relationships focusing on the partner’s value to achieve customer success. 

The DeployHub Partner programs allow our partners to grow their business by expanding their product offerings and providing their clients with scalable, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to reduce software supply chain risks.  DeployHub’s SaaS platform allows our partners to work seamlessly with various clients, from startups to large enterprises, adapting to their specific needs.

Partner Program Levels

Alliance Partner Program

Our Alliance Partners are the resellers of DeployHub products. Becoming an Alliance Partner offers a range of benefits for businesses seeking to expand their market presence and revenue streams. The Alliance Partnership broadens the resellers’ product offerings to enhance their competitiveness in the market. The Alliance partnership comes with DeployHub training and support, ensuring that the Alliance Partner possesses the necessary expertise to market, sell, and support the software effectively. The revenue potential is significant, as Alliance Partners earn a percentage of sales, creating a scalable and profitable business model. Furthermore, Alliance Partners can benefit from the established reputation and customer base of DeployHub, gaining credibility and trust in the eyes of potential clients. Our Alliance Partner model facilitates a symbiotic relationship where both parties thrive through increased market reach, collaborative marketing efforts, and shared success. Our Alliance partners have access to:

  • Sales Leads – We get leads on a daily basis and share them with you. 
  • Sales Training Resources – We will train your team on the benefits of DeployHub 
  • Sales support – We will work with you to close the deal – demos and POCs.

Alliance Partner

Advisory Partner Program

Our Advisory Partner program presents a unique and advantageous opportunity to grow your business. Advisory partners are incentivized to refer new customers to DeployHub. This program offers our Advisory Partners a path to growing their business with little investment or time.  The Advisory Partnership provides you with a mutually beneficial avenue to capitalize on your network and connections. Our Advisory Partners identify potential business opportunities, often in the form of clients or customers, and introduce them to the DeployHub Partner Team. When these introductions lead to successful deals or sales, the Advisory Partner receives the finder’s fee. This model is advantageous for individuals or organizations with extensive industry knowledge and a wide network, allowing them to monetize their connections without the need for deep involvement in sales or technical aspects. Become an Advisory Partner and refer a Lead. 

Advisory Partner

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