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Cloud Native @ Scale

November 16, 10PT / 1ET

Microservices are a critical part of the overall Cloud-Native journey. They are key to achieving the promise of agility that this modern platform offers. The problem with microservices is that they are a major disruption to how we design, develop and release software. In addition, microservices are often seen as overly complex because of their dynamic nature. This presentation looks at microservice complexities in terms of the DevOps pipeline. Tracy Ragan, CEO DeployHub, will show us areas in the DevOps toolchain that need to evolve to create the DevOps breakthrough required to fully embrace a microservice strategy and achieve the promise of cloud-native.


Cloud Native @ Scale

CDF Online Meetup – Software Quality for the Enterprise in the Age of DevOps

November 17, 11PT / 2ET

With DevOps transforming the way we work with a focus on speed to market, how do we ensure the right level of quality in the system? In this meetup we will be joined by Rosalind Radcliffe, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect for DevOps for Enterprise Systems. She will discuss some of the lessons learned and experiences on improving overall quality while achieving speed of delivery. She will use case studies, including existing backend systems running on IBM Z, that she has included in her new book “Enterprise Bug Busting – From testing through CI/CD” to deliver business results. For more information on Rosalind visit her LinkedIn page https://www.linkedin.com/in/rosalind-radcliffe/.


Join the Ortelius Committer Celebration

As always – we will start our Microservice Visionaries Summit with ‘Beer and Donuts’ presented live over Zoom. Recognition badges will be awarded.

After ‘Beer and Donuts’, join the Ortelius Twitch Channel to participate in the ‘campiest’ technical conference available. We combine sci fi and having fun with our technical discussions. We hope you will enjoy the show.

Full Agenda:

8:00 AM MST Beer and Donuts will be followed up by recognition badges.
8:45 AM MST Keynote – Top 10 development challenges in a distributed architecture using Microservices
9:30 AM MST Getting yourself setup to start contributing code to Ortelius
10:15 AM MST A High Level walkthrough of the Ortelius Architecture
11:00 AM MST A walk through of an application modernization process
11:45 AM MST Data Science and the Ortelius Platform
12:30 PM MST Closing Thoughts

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Ortelius Visionaries Summit

DeveloperWeek Enterprise

Developer Week Enterprise

December 7 & 8, Virtual “live’ Event

Join 15,000+ dev professionals for the world’s largest virtual conference series with 4+ fully immersive events covering the newest technology innovations, best practices, and learning across cloud, API, enterprise dev, architecture, DevOps, DevTools, dev management, and more.

Tracy Ragan Presenting – Tuesday December 7th,   Simplify Microservices Using a Unified ‘Service’ Catalog


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