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CDCon is October 7-8th

Attend CDCon October 7-8th and visit the DeployHub team. Tracy Ragan presenting October 7th – 11:00 AM PT   “Understanding the Challenges of a Microservice CD Pipeline.



Unscripted October 21st and 22nd

Attend Unscripted October 21st and 22nd and join Tracy as she discusses the Open Source Community.


DevOps Summit – November 2-3

Attend DevOps Summit – Canada November 2-3, visit our booth and learn what you need to start thinking about as you “Migrate your CI/CD pipeline to a microservice architecture” with Tracy Ragan


Upcoming Webinars and Hackathons



Join Digital Ocean for a open source celebration.  The Hactoberfest runs from October 1st – October 31st . Create 4 qualifying pull request and get a free t-shirt or tree planted in your honor.  Learn how you can participate in Hactoberfest and contribute to Ortelius.

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CDF Online Meetups and Virtual Conference Sessions

CD Foundation Meetups

The CD Foundation Meetups are both online and in person DevOps Events.  Join us in person when you can, but we always host it online.

Continuous Delivery and GitOps with ArgoCD – October 15th Noon PT

Argo Continuous Delivery

Kubernetes is a game changer. New practices, tooling and habits will be needed to scale DevOps to support a cloud native infrastructure. In this meetup, Isaac Gaskin, Site Reliability Engineer, Tesla, will introduce GitOps concepts and Argo CD to automate the deployment of applications to Kubernetes clusters. This presentation will not only give us insights around Kubernetes, but also the new tooling and practices that large enterprises are embracing to support DevOps at Scale.
Isaac has served as a Cloud Engineer, DevOps Engineer and Site Reliability Engineer for high tech companies including Tesla, GoPro and Code42. Learn more about Isaac at


Butter knifes to Samurai Sword, elevating Developers to Ninja software Warriors

CD Foundation Meetup

As DevOps and life cycle automation becomes more critical, so does the need for skilled DevOps practitioners. The enablement of your DevOps teams is a key successful factor in digital transformations. In this presentation you will learn simple recipes to transform your software engineering workforce from mere coders to Ninja DevOps engineers. Additionally we will cover anti patterns/recipes that leads to bottlenecks causing digital disruptions that prevent you from achieving growth.

Gurushyam Mony is the Director of DevOps and Quality Engineering at Markel Insurance Company. He has extensive background in leading large DevOps teams and understands the challenges the enterprise faces when driving new features to end users as quickly and securely as possible. Learn more about Gurushyam at