Conferences & Events

Virtual Conferences Schedule 

JFrog Swamp-Up

Tracy Ragan – Lets Make Microservices Simple

North America – May 26th 3PM MT

EMEA – June 2nd 6AM MT

GitOps Summit 2021

June 22nd 

10:10 MT Keynote Panel – Why GitOps with Tracy Ragan, Dan Garfield, Cornelia Davis, moderated by Dan Lorenc

CDCon 2021

June 23rd

9:15 – Events in CI/CD SIG Birds of a Feather

12 MT – Ortelius Birds of a Feather

12:30 MT – Juan Peredo “Tame Your Microservices with Ortelius”

1:05 MT – Steve Taylor “Adding Ortelius for Microservice Tracking to Your Jenkins Pipeline”

1:40 MT – Tracy Ragan “Immutable Deployments” – the Goal of the GitOps Movement

2:15 MT – Intro to Ortelius – at the DeployHub booth.

June 24th

1:15 MT – Karamjot Singh “Microservice Visualization – Challenges with Microservices”

Techstrong Con by MediaOps

July 14th and 15th

Tracy Ragan Presenting on “Simplifying Your Microservice Architecture”


To be announced – Next CDF Meetup will be held in July.
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