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Techstrong – Predict 2022

Panelist Discussion – Software Supply Chain, what’s all The Buzz?

January 19th, 2022

As we move into a component-driven architecture, driven by the shift to cloud-native, we are beginning to understand that these components are the ‘raw’ materials used to create ‘logical’ applications. These raw materials make up our software supply chain. Managing these raw materials from both an availability and security aspect can be challenging. First of all, it creates many moving parts all being pushed across independent DevOps pipelines. Secondly, a change can impact multiple dependent services. This session will cover what we need to do to get our arms around this new component-driven software supply chain and how our DevOps practice will shift in the process.

Moderated by Mitch Ashely, Techstrong Group


Steven Chin – VP Developer Relations, JFROG

Amir Kaushansky – VP Product Management, ARMO

Tracy Ragan – CEO DeployHub, Inc.


GitOps Panel

Cloud Native @ Scale Meetup

GitOps in the Real World

Date: Tuesday, February 8th, 2021

Panel Discussion : Tales from the Branches – GitOps in the Real World

Moderated by Tracy Ragan


Sergiu Petean, Head of DevOps at Allianz Direct

Edgar Magan, Senior Principal Software Engineer at Splunk

Srinivas Peri, Director Of Engineering at Adobe

Christopher Lane, Sr Principal Team Leader, Enterprise Architect at Chick-fil-A Corporate


DevOps Institute SKILup Days

Site Reliability and Engineering

February 17, 2022
The basic principles and practices of an SRE are quickly shifting as organizations begin the move to cloud-native software engineering. Maintaining highly reliable software systems can be challenging when the environment has so many moving parts from the application layer down to the infrastructure and operations needs. This SKILup Day will provide insights from experts who have implemented new SRE practices to meet today’s demands. If your job is to maintain system reliability, this SKILup Day is for you.


Skill Up Days