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DevOps World 2020

DevOps World 2020 – a Must Attend Event

DevOps World 2020 is happening in just a few short weeks (September 22-24).   If you have never been, this is your chance.  It is a massive free virtual event that will include thought leaders and speakers from around the world.  I’ve been going to DevOps World/Jenkins World for the last 4 years.  Each year it gets better.  And because its free and virtual, you can attend from the comfort of your own desk, or couch.

As a regular attendee of DevOps World, I go to hear the speakers, listen for trends, understand common challenges and incorporate ideas into the DeployHub and Ortelius Open Source road maps.  As an end user of DevOps and a DevOps vendor, there are few events that bring together so many minds on the topic of DevOps, from platform management to DevSecOps. You will find your peers. Because it is virtual, I’m expecting a big turnout. And with this virtual structure, you will have better access to chat with speakers and open source committers.  I’m really looking forward to the many discussions that DevOps World 2020 will facilitate.

I’m super honored to be speaking on two Keynote panel discussions and presenting at DevOps World 2020. Steve Taylor, CTO of DeployHub, will also be speaking. Thank you to the CloudBees organizers for the opportunity to support an amazing thought leadership event.

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DeployHub at DevOps World Schedule

Below is a schedule of DeployHub activity – and you can find our booth in the Innovator section.

Tuesday Sept. 22nd

10:00 AM ET – Get Ready for a New Kubernetes CD Pipeline – Steve Taylor, DeployHub CTO Presenting

Wednesday Sept. 23rd

3:30 PM ET – Women in DevOps and Open Source – Tracy Ragan Panelist

Thursday Sept. 24th

9:00 AM ET – The Power of Open Source Community – Tracy Ragan Panelist

9:00 AM ET – Together We Can – The Future of DevOps – Tracy Ragan Panelist

10:30 AM ET – A talk with the Continuous Delivery Foundation Governing Board – Tracy Ragan Panelist

12:30 PM ET – The New World of Microservice Configuration Management – Tracy Ragan Presenting