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Certified RedHat Docker Container

You can now download DeployHub as a Certified RedHat Docker Container for both DeployHub OSS and DeployHub Pro. The RedHat Docker Container certification enables us to receive notifications about security fixes and updates to underlying RedHat packages in our Docker container. We rebuild the container when RedHat notifies us. Our containers will therefore have the latest and greatest fixes in them. The DeployHub container enables you to perform an agentless deployment with no installation.

Directions: Just run the Docker container, login to the DeployHub UI, use the Setup Wizard, and you’re ready for a continuous deployment process.


Next, for running the container use:

docker run -v $PWD/data:/var/lib/pgsql/data:Z -v $PWD/logs:/opt/deployhub/logs:Z -p 7171:8080 -d –hostname docker_dh ${IMAGE}

In order to persist the Postgres database, mount a directory from the host. Make sure the host directory is empty so the DB is created at startup of the container. The database will be saved when a docker stop is issued.

Open an issue on the DeployHub Git Page if you have questions or run into any problems.