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DeployHub Exposes the Open Source in Your Software Supply Chain

DeployHub Shows the Open-Source You Use

Tracking the inventory of open source software is a key function of software supply chain management. DeployHub’s open source software supply chain security platform continuously gathers application security intelligence to expose open-source package inventory. A simple search based on the package name can quickly provide a list of where the package is running and what the package is impacting. This view can be seen from the component, application or environment perspective.

In other words, DeployHub can easily answer the question, “Where is log4J running?” A simple query against the DeployHub data store will provide the answer:

log4j search


Log4J results

Tracking Open Source in a Decoupled Environment

DeployHub helps simplify decoupled architectures by tracking how individual services are shared across the building blocks of software systems. Security data and open source packages are spread across hundreds of independently deployed components in decoupled architectures. DeployHub aggregates component data up to all logical applications that consume the component to simplify the complexities of decoupled components. The result is the restoration of the logical application version, logical application SBOMs, and consolidated CVE reports. DeployHub is a breakthrough in software supply chain management. DeployHub disrupts how we manage software assets by providing insights into known vulnerabilities as soon as they are discovered and continuously associating that information with all the consuming applications.

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