Free to Agile Teams – Crazy Right?

Yes, we’ve been told that.  DeployHub Team is a hosted continuous deployment solution offered free to development teams needing a rapid and safe method of releasing software across the CI/CD Pipeline.  We simply decided it was time to offer a free solution and disrupt business as usual.  Our competitors just charge too much for similar solutions keeping this critical piece of the DevOps puzzle out of the developer’s reach.

Our goal is to empower the Site Reliability Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Continuous Delivery Architect, Release Engineers and similar unsung heroes with a better way of building out continuous deployments via the CI/CD pipeline.  DeployHub Team is based on the DeployHub Open Source Project.  We are part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and have our community driven road map set on Kubernetes and Docker.

And if you need support or release management features with security around your deployments, check out DeployHub Pro.  Project based pricing starting at $208 per month.  We  are serious about making Continuous Deployments affordable.

DeployHub’s Secret Sauce

Deployment Versioning

DeployHub is the only continuous deployment solution with deployment versioning.  DeployHub uses a ‘Package’ with ‘Components’ to define your software configuration’s full stack including application artifacts, DB updates, infrastructure changes and environment variables.  Each time a new component is created, DeployHub automatically creates a new version.  Deployment versioning replaces the need for monolithic deployments with safe, iterative deployments.  You can confidently deploy software continuously without breaking things.  Rollbacks, roll forwards and version jumps are easy.  And best yet, DeployHub has plugins to integrate into your CI/CD pipeline.

And those scripts you have been using, well DeployHub can call them as part of your package, and version the changes when needed.

Agent-less Deployments

DeployHub uses a unique Agent-less Deployment architecture to deliver your software Package.  Its processing logic reduces the workload by using a ‘drop zone’ to perform most of the ‘pre’ deployment work.  It then distributes the Package Components to the correct end point.  Database Components go to database end points, application components go to application endpoints, etc.  If you are pushing the microservice envelope, DeployHub can track what Components are being installed into which containers – no guess work required.

Agent based deployment solutions were designed for physical server environments. They adjusted to cloud and VM, but just will not meet the needs of server-less environments.  DeployHub was born server-less and is ready for your next journey.

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