Free to Project Teams – Crazy Right?

Yes, we’ve been told that. DeployHub Team is a hosted and automated cloud-enabling solution offered free to development teams. DeployHub Team allows developers to catalog, publish, and version microservices with continuous deployments.  DeployHub Team provides you a rapid and safe method of releasing microservices and legacy applications while versioning relationships and configurations.

We simply decided to offer a free solution and so disrupt the business-as-usual model. We know that developers are pushing the envelope when it comes to building out agile and kubernetes pipelines.  We want to help by offering a tool that can be implemented today for configuring modern software applications with microservices.

Our goal is to empower all project teams including the Site Reliability Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Continuous Delivery Architect, Release Engineers and similar unsung heroes. DeployHub Team is based on the DeployHub Open Source Project. We are part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and have our community driven road map set on Kubernetes and Docker.

If you need unlimited teams to use our products and need more support or release management features such as heightened security around your deployments, check out DeployHub Pro.

DeployHub’s Secret Sauce

Catalog and Publish Microservices and Components

DeployHub is the place to catalog and publish your new microservices and reusable components.

DeployHub uses a Catalog with a Domain Driven Design to organize and manage your shareable objects – microservices and otherwise. Once you define your Catalog, you can begin publishing and sharing your reusable artifacts.  DeployHub helps you communicate the availability of microservices across the organization.  Other teams can then start consuming your shared microservice and notifies you when your microservice has been added to an ‘application package.’

Agentless Solution

Agents are not used.  Agent-based deployment solutions were designed for physical server environments. They adjusted to cloud and VM, but just will not meet the needs of serverless environments. DeployHub was born serverless and is ready Kubernetes.  No Agent required.

Microservice Configuration Mapping and Versioning

DeployHub  is the only solution that versions your microservice configuration before deploying.

DeployHub uses an ‘Application Package‘ concept to track your software configuration’s full stack including application artifacts, DB updates, infrastructure changes, and environment variables. Each time a component or microservice is changed, DeployHub automatically creates a new version. This process replaces the need for monolithic deployments with safe, iterative deployments. Rollbacks, roll forwards, and version jumps are easy with our tools. Best yet, DeployHub has plugins to integrate into your CI/CD process and supports a unique Kubernetes pipeline.

And those scripts you have been using, well, DeployHub can call them as part of your package, and version the changes as needed.

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