DeployHub Team

Software Supply Chain Security Tool – Free SaaS Platform

DeployHub Team is a free SaaS open source software supply chain security platform that collects the data you need to respond rapidly to cyber attacks. DeployHub Team is fully functional with no annoying limits. Our free SaaS platform is based on the Ortelius Open Source project incubating at the Continuous Delivery Foundation.

Step One - Signup

Stuff You Should Know

To signup for the Free SaaS platform, you will need a Company and Project Name to sign up for the free SaaS software supply chain security tool. The Company Name you enter will be created as your company’s private domain, referred to as your Global Domain. Your Project Name will be used under your company Domain. A new Hipster Store sample application will be provisioned under your project as soon as you sign up. You will also receive an email from DeployHub. That email will contain your unique user ID and client ID, along with other links and useful information.

A local version of DeployHub Team

We have provided an easy container installation if you would like to install a local version of DeployHub Team. You can also create your own privately hosted DeployHub Team environment for your Users.

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 DeployHub Team SaaS Signup

    Step Two - Login to the Console

    Accessing DeployHub Team SaaS Console

    Access the DeployHub console page with the following link: You will be presented with the DeployHub Team SaaS login. Fill in your credentials to authenticate yourself into the DeployHub Team console.

    DeployHub Team SaaS Login



    Step Three - Proof of Concept and Hipster Store

    Congratulations, you are now ready to start using the free SaaS software supply chain security tool. There are two ways to get started:

    Explore DeployHub using the Hipster Store Tutorial. The Hipster Store is a microservice application that has been preconfigured for you to explore. The Hipster Store provides you an overview of how data is organized.

    Complete a Proof of Concept that automates DeployHub Team via your CI/CD Pipeline. Once you understand the basic concepts of DeployHub Team, you will want to explore how the data collection can be automated via your DevOps Pipeline. Automation is critical to continuously track your supply chain, SBOMs, CVE, and other DevOps intelligence. DeployHub Team uses the Ortelius Command Line Interface to automate the data collection. We have provided a suggested POC starting point, which includes the CLI integration. Download the Proof of Concept Documentation and start gathering a full view of all the pieces of your software supply chain.