abort throws an exception, which would normally end script execution. It can take an optional message which DeployHub will issue when the script ends.

abort is typically used when a condition arises that would prevent the rest of the script from executing correctly.

abort takes a single, named parameter:

msg:        The message to print on abort. If msg is not specified, the msg defaults to ABORT.

Since abort throws an exception it can be caught with a try/catch block. This allows you to break out of a block of code whilst still allowing the script to execute.


abort(msg: "Something went wrong");

This will end the script with the message "Something went wrong".


This will end the script with the message "ABORT"

try {

 echo "About to abort";

 abort(msg: "Custom Message");

 echo "This will never execute";

} catch (ex) {

 echo "Error: $ex";


echo "Carry on";


About to abort

Error: Custom Message

Carry on