The Clone a Server call creates a copy of the Endpoint. The Endpoint is duplicated in its entirety, including its hostname, base directory, and the Component types it will accept.

Note: If you are cloning the Endpoint to create a collection of similar Endpoints then you will probably need to make further “mod” API calls to change the hostname and other Endpoint-specific attributes. See “Modifying a Server” for more information.

API Call





Is the hostname and port of the DeployHub Server (e.g.: hostname:8080 or for SaaS


Is the identifier of the Endpoint to be cloned. Either its name, its qualified name (i.e.: with its parent Domain(s) included in dot notation) or its internal ID.


The name of the new (cloned) Endpoint.


If specified this is the identifier of the Domain where the Endpoint should be created (either its name, its qualified name or its id). If the Domain is not specified, then the cloned Endpoint is created in the same Domain as the Endpoint being cloned.

Example Result:


       "success": true