Credentials are objects within DeployHub that contain username and password pairs. These access the various objects used to retrieve files and Endpoints, execute actions and deploy files. Each Credential can be assigned to various objects within DeployHub, so that a single Credential could be assigned to many Endpoints with the same username/password pair. Credentials are primarily used for accessing Endpoints but can be applied to any object in DeployHub that requires a User Name and Password. Credentials are assigned to Domains. Anyone with access to the Domain can view the Credentials. Further restrictions can be done at the Credential level using the Access Tab.  

Creating and Deleting Credentials

To create a Credential, select the Connections Main Menu item, and right click on a Domain in the tree structure. A pop-up option creates a ‘New Credential in this Domain.’ By selecting this option, the ‘New Credential’ dialog box will be displayed. Alternatively, right click on a Credential to delete it from the Domain.

Editing Credentials

Select the Credential to display the General Tab. The General Tab shows all the basic information about the Credential. You can edit the Credential by clicking on the pencil icon in the right-hand corner.

General Tab

This tab displays basic information concerning the Credential along with the username and password fields.




The name of the Credential.


A general description of the Credential.


There are three different Kinds of Credentials, that vary according to where they reside:

  • Encrypted in database: The username/password pair resides in DeployHub’s database using 3DES encryption.
  • From Variables: The username/password is managed in variables.
  • Harvest DFO in file system: For connecting to the CA Harvest DFO file system.


The username that will be used to access the object.


The password that will be used to access the object.


Name of file where username and password are stored. Displayed only for Harvest DFO file system option.


The date and time the Credential was created.


The date and time the Credential was last modified.

Access Tab

Allows Users within designated Groups to use and/or change the Credential. All Users who belong to a Group in the access lists will be granted access to the Credential in the following ways:




Allows the User to see the Credential. If the User does not belong to a Group in the View Access list, the Credential will not appear in the tree structure.


Allows the User to change the Credential’s characteristics i.e. Name, Summary, etc.


Allows the User to use the Credential by assigning it to an object such as a Server or Repository.