An on-demand deployment can be initiated for an Application or Release using a Deploy Task. Tasks are Domain-specific DeployHub objects that can be created for performing actions on Applications or Release. Once the Deploy Task has been defined in the Domain, it will be available by right clicking on the Application or Release tree view. The Deploy Task can run Actions before and after the deployment, known as pre and post Actions, which can be used to customize each Deploy Task.

NOTE:  Releases are only available in DeployHub Pro.  A Release is used to deploy multiple applications together, as in a Release Train.

To create a Deploy Task:

  • Click on a Domain in the tree structure and click on the Tasks tab on the right.
  • Right click on the ‘Tasks in this Domain’ area and a drop-down list will appear with options for the creation of seven different Tasks.
  • Select ‘Add Deploy Task’.
  • A new Deploy Task will appear in the ‘Tasks in this Domain’ area, with the name Deploy, followed by a hyphen and an incremented integer, i.e. Deploy-162.
  • The name can be changed by clicking the General tab on the right, and again on the pencil icon on the upper right side of the resulting Task Detail section.
  • A window appears with the name of the Task along with other fields such as Pre-Action and Post-Action.
  • Click on these drop-down lists to see the names of Actions that can be chosen to run before and after the execution of the Deploy Task.
  • There are also two lists, ‘Group Access’ and ‘Available Groups’, below the ‘Tasks in this Domain’ and ‘Task Detail’ areas.
  • Click on a Group in the ‘Available Groups’ list and drag and drop it into the ‘Group Access’ list in order to allow Users in the selected Group to run the selected Deploy Task.

NOTE:  DeployHub Team has two Groups, Administrators and Users.  If you need more granular User Groups, you will need to upgrade to DeployHub Pro.

To run a Deploy Task:

  • Select the Deploy menu at the top, click on the Applications tab in the tree structure.
  • Click on the plus sign (+) to the left of a Domain in the tree structure to display all Applications it contains, and right click on the Application.
  • All Tasks for that Domain will appear in a pop-up menu.
  • Select a Deploy Task from the menu to run. A window will appear with a drop-down list of Environments to choose from.