You can Request and Approve tasks for Deployments using the Request and Approve Tasks. These Tasks can be executed through a variety of methods:

  • Right clicking on an Application in the Applications tab under the Deploy menu and selecting the Task from the resulting drop-down list. Normally, a deployment is run by a User who has access to a Deploy Task, but sometimes the Deploy Task needs to be run by someone who does not have access to it. This can be resolved using two additional Tasks:  Request and Approve. The User can run a Request Task to ask for access (via email) from another User. The User with access then runs the Approve Task, which grants the requesting User access to the Deploy Task.
  • The Request Task contains a Linked Task field whose value is that of the Deploy Task.

NOTE: DeployHub Team has only two types of users, Administrators and Users.  For more granular Groups you will need to upgrade to DeployHub Pro.

  • Calling the Deploy Task from within a Pre, Post, or Custom Action via the Run Task Procedure, which is one of DeployHub’s built-in Procedures. This is accomplished by creating an Action and placing the Run Task Procedure into the Action’s Workflow. The Run Task Procedure has a field that allows for the selection of a Task from a list. This list is comprised of all of the Tasks within the current Domain, along with any Tasks from the parent Domain that have the ‘Available in SubDomains’ checkbox checked. The Action is then run as a Pre, Post, or Custom Action during a deployment.

  • Use a Run Task and a Wait for Task from within an Action. A Run Task Procedure is placed just before a Wait for Task in the Action’s Workflow. A Wait for Task causes an Action to pause at a specific place until a specified Task is run. The Request Task causes the Action to send an email to the User with access to the Deploy Task asking for access (as in the previous example above). The Action pauses when it drops through to the Wait for Task. The Task that is being waited for is the Approve Task. As soon as the Approve Task is run by the User with Access to the Deploy Task, the Deploy Task is executed as the next Run Task in the Action. Keep in mind that this is just one example of the many possible ways to use Run Tasks and Wait for Tasks.