Rename changes a file name in the DropZone. When the file is transferred to the target Endpoint(s) (either via an explicit transfer call or via an implicit deployment) it will be given the new name.

rename takes three named parameters:


Mandatory. The name of the file to be renamed.


Mandatory. The new name for the file.


Optional. A Boolean value (true/false) that indicates that the file should be renamed for each target Endpoint. Defaults to false. Set this parameter to true should the new name include a value associated with an Endpoint.

Example: Rename a file before it's deployed:

rename(from: "config.txt", to: "config.xml");

Example: Create a file named for each Endpoint:

rename(from: "config.txt", to: "${}_config.xml",

serverspecific: true);

If the target Endpoints are server1 and server2 then server1 will receive the config.txt renamed to server1_config.xml and server2 will receive the config.txt renamed to server2_config.xml.