Setatt assigns or replaces attributes held against the specified object. Attributes are held against Applications, Components, Environments, Endpoints, and Repositories. setatt allows new values to be stored against such objects or for existing values to be replaced.

setatt takes two mandatory named parameters:


The object to update. This must be a DeployHub object that is either already on the stack or retrieved from another object or from one of the object retrieval Functions (e.g.: getEnvironment etc).


An array of name/value pairs to set as attributes for the specified object. In the attributes array, the key is the name of the attribute and the value is its value.


Store the last deployment id, version name, target Environment and date/time stamp against the parent (base) version of the deployed Application.

set atts = {

"DeployNumber": "$DEPLOY_ID",

"Version":      "${}",

"Target":       "${}",

"DeployTime":   "$(now())"


setatt(object: ${Application.parent},attributes: $atts);

If this is attached to a post-deployment action then whenever an Application Version is deployed, the details of the deployment are stored as attributes against the base Application.