The Change Request tab (DeployHub Pro only) shows enhancement requests and bugs for a selected Component for several popular bug tracking systems, including Bugzilla, GitHub, and Jira.

External bug tracking systems are represented in DeployHub as a Data Source.  The General tab for the Component allows for the selection and assignment of a Data Source to the Component. Change Requests can then be assigned to the Component in the Change Requests tab by clicking on the plus '+' icon in the upper right. This will display all the Change Requests (Enhancements, Bugs, etc.) from the assigned Data Source in the resulting Select Bug Record pop up window, and one or more of these can be assigned to the Component by clicking on the box to the left of each CR ID field.

The Change Request tab contains two sections. The upper section is titled CR Opened/Closed over Time, which contains a burndown chart showing all the Change Requests for the Component. A Calendar runs across the top to show when Change Requests were opened and closed. Change Requests are shown in the horizontal area below, with open Change Requests shown in light yellow, while closed are shown in dark gray. Each line represents a Change Request, which begins with the date that it was added to the Component. The area turns dark gray at the point of the Calendar where the Change Request was closed. Using the scrolling device on the User's mouse or trackpad causes the entire area to expand and contract which, along with the ability to scroll back and forth via clicking and dragging, allows the User to easily view the entire Release Plan from beginning to end, in detail, while using the Calendar along the top as a reference. The numbers along the left side represent the number of Change Requests. This will adjust vertically to fit the total number of Change Requests for the Component. This can be adjusted further with the User's mouse or trackpad.

The lower section contains a list of Change Requests with the fields CR ID, Title, and Status. Clicking on the CR ID takes the User to a new tab in the browser that contains the source of the Change Request. For instance, if the Component has a Change Request Data Source of the type GitHub, clicking on the CR ID field for a Change Request will open a tab with the bug or enhancement request within, allowing the User the ability to update, close, or read about it in detail. The Title field holds the title of the Change Request within the bug tracking system. The various bug tracking systems used by DeployHub have their own statuses. Bugzilla for instance, has statuses such as New, Unconfirmed, Assigned, etc. DeployHub interprets these as either 'open' or 'closed’ and displays them in the Status field with a gold or dark gray background respectively.