This section lists all the calls that can currently be made with the API and shows an example of the returned JSON.

NOTE: The returned JSON will be a single line with no formatting whitespace. (Whitespace can, of course, be found in text strings but it is not included in JSON formatting.) When this document shows example results, the JSON will be formatted to allow you to more clearly see the returned values.

When coding against the DeployHub API, no assumption must be made as to the order of parameters or the format of the returned JSON string. You must parse the JSON (using whichever parser is suitable for the programming language being used) and not rely on any implied order. Indeed, this document will tend to list the attributes in a mix of logical and alphabetical order whereas this is not generally the case in the returned JSON.

For example




This is a typical JSON string returned as a result of an environment query. In this document, we will show this returned JSON as this:


       "success": true,

       "domain": "GLOBAL.Test",

       "id": 4,

       "name": "AS400_TestEnvironment",

       "owneruser": "admin",

       "summary": "",

       "result": {

               "applications": [


                               "completed": "",

                               "deploymentid": 463,

                               "exitcode": 0,

                               "id": 118,

                               "name": "AS400App",

                               "predecessorid": 0,

                               "versionid": 118,

                               "versionname": "AS400App"





With whitespace used to format the string and with the attributes listed in logical and alphabetical order.