A DeployHub deployment can point to one or more Repositories with artifacts (.ear, .jar, and .war files) making up a Weblogic application. These are referenced by one or more Components (and one or more of their Component Items) within an Application. These are deployed into a Weblogic server domain. A (Post) Action is then executed which installs these artifacts into the Weblogic server. The user creates the Action, which itself contains Procedures that can be downloaded via Google Groups at the following link:


Click the link, scroll down the resulting list, and click on Weblogic Deployment. Read the instructions for creating the Procedures before importing and creating the Action.

Download the WebLogic Procedures

Download the three files from the Google link. Place the deploywl.sh into the $DMHOME/engine/scripts directory on the location where DeployHub is installed, as per the instructions. Place the other two (export_WeblogicDeploy.re and export_WeblogicCredential.re) into any directory that can be accessed for importing into DeployHub.

  • Click on the Flows menu.
  • Click on the Functions and Procedures tab
  • Click on a Domain and select "Import a Function or Procedure into this Domain".
  • Click the ‘Choose File’ button to navigate to the directory where the .re files are located.
  • Select the export_WeblogicCredential.re file and click the Open button.
  • Click the Import button.
  • Repeat for the export_WeblogicDeploy.re file.

Notice there are now two new Procedures in the Domain, named “WebLogicCredential” and “WebLogicDeploy,” each with the Category of WebLogic.

Create your Weblogic Action

  • Right click on the Actions tab in the same Domain as the Procedures.
  • Select "New Action in this Domain".
  • In the Workflow tab, scroll down the Activities list on the right side and click on the plus sign next to the Weblogic Category.
  • Click and drag the Procedure that was just created named “WebLogicCredential” onto the Workspace.
  • Click and drag the Procedure named “WebLogicDeploy” onto the Workspace.
  • Right click on the Procedure(s) in the Workflow and fill in the parameters for each one according to the definitions on the Google Groups page.

Note: the WebLogicCredential Procedure can be left out of the Workspace if the WebLogicDeploy Procedure's username and password fields will be used to access the Weblogic server. Otherwise the selected Credential within the WebLogicCredential Procedure should contain the appropriate username and password.

Place the Action within the Application's Post Action field. The Application should contain one or more Components that have one or more Component Items that reference the artifacts that make up the Weblogic application. The Application deploys its artifacts to the Weblogic server, and the Post Action performs the installation.