DEPLOYHUB® 8.1 – Next Generation Software Deployments

DeployHub is continuous deployment solution that creates a ‘single source of truth’ for deployment configurations. DeployHub is the only continuous deployment solution that versions deployment configurations as part of your deployment process. DeployHub evolves deployments from an ‘endpoint release’ practice to an intelligent repository of deployment data providing a single source of truth about deployments and their history. DeployHub supports iterative deployments across traditional and modern architectures such as Kubernetes.

DeployHub’s secret sauce is its ability to version every software releases configuration, based on Components.  A Components is an independent executable, database update or configuration that is part of a complete software application. Components change over time creating Component Versions and therefore Application Versions.  DeployHub is the only continuous deployment solution that has a built-in version control engine to support fast rollbacks, roll forward or version jumps.

DeployHub supports the deployment and configuration versioning of:

database updates,

environment variables,

application binaries,

infrastructure components.

DeployHub is based on the DeployHub - Open Source Project.


Agentless Delivery

DeployHub uses an agentless architecture with next generation software deployment features. Their release process can support mixed environments from legacy systems to Kubernetes, where the move away from monolithic deployments is critical.

DeployHub uses an agentless technology to support deployments for both modern and legacy architectures including:

AWS, Google Compute

Cloud Foundry

Kubernetes, Docker


Windows 2008, Windows 2012

Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux

Microsoft Azure

Ubantu, Redhat, SuSe, Debina

Tandem, Stratus, IBM iSeries, OpenVMS, Unisys, IBM 4690


Jetty, Tomcat, Websphere

Microsoft IIS, Microsft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase

Request Routers and Appliances

SaaS or On Prem

DeployHub can be installed on premise, or accessed via the DeployHub hosted site.

Free with Pro Upgrade

There are two options for using DeployHub, DeployHub Team and DeployHub Pro.

DeployHub Team

DeployHub Team is a Free version of DeployHub that can be used from the Hosted DeployHub site or installed on premise.  DeployHub Team is a strategic and fully open continuous deployment solution that integrates with common continuous delivery and DevOps tools such as Jenkins, GitHub and Ansible.   DeployHub Team is based on the Open Source DeployHub Project.  It supports unlimited endpoints, unlimited deployments and unlimited users.

DeployHub Pro

For additional security features and support, DeployHub Team can be upgraded to DeployHub Pro. Unique only to DeployHub Pro is the concept of "Divisional Domains." This allows you to model your environments based on your organizational top-down structure, facilitating a self-service experience for developers with the added ability for operations to leverage component management and reuse.

DeployHub Pro provides integration to bug tracking tools such as Bugzilla, GitHub Issues and Jira for tracking your complete value stream from change request to final endpoint.