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A Message from Tracy

Summer is in full bloom and we are finally starting to think about in-person events. What a concept! I hope you were able to attend cdCon last month. It was wildly succesful and full of great thoughts on the CD pipeline and what it will look like in the future of cloud native. This month we are focusing on maintaining incident response times in a microservice architecture. Ownership details can be a challenge and one primary reason why a microservice ‘service’ catalog like DeployHub is needed. The introduction of the microservice ‘service’ catalog built into your CD Pipeline will be a core component of managing your microservices across all clusters. So much to learn in this new world.

And as always – if you have questions reach out.  Find me on
LinkedIn and I will send you a calendar invite for a coffee chat.


Tracy Ragan, CEO DeployHub

A Microservice ‘Service’ Catalog for Incident Response

You might be hearing your support teams complain about having to support microservices they know nothing about. Ownership, usage and inventory information is core to what the DeployHub Team catalog manages. It is free and based on the Ortelius Open Source Project.

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