June Newsletter: On Growing and Learning

June 2020 Newsletter

Message from Tracy Ragan, CEO, DeployHub:

Yes, I’ve started gardening.For those of us who are fortunate enough to have a yard during COVID-19, I have found that gardening is a great way to spend weekends. And if you are an apartment dweller – try containers. They are messy but fun. Becoming more self-sufficient and economical is on all of our minds during this strange and tragic period of world history. I’m thankful everyday for my health and the open space around me.

I’m also super thankful to those of you who have scheduled a 15 minute coffee chat with me. The human interaction as been a great escape from the isolation. These conversations on microservice implementations have been enlightening and delightful. Thank you to all who have shared your stories. And if you are open to talking to me about your microservice challenges or success here is my calendar. I’m taking what I’ve learned in these calls and adding new features to our Ortelius and DeployHub roadmaps.

Summer is just around the corner. I do hope that we all can get some time by water, or on a mountain hike or desert bike ride. Whatever your outdoor folly, please enjoy it safely.



DeployHub 9.0 Release Scheduled for June 15th

While we do small releases weekly, this 9.0 release is a big one. We have completely revamped the front end to be ‘dashboard’ driven. Simplifying the navigation has been priority #1 and we are almost ready to deliver. Look for the 9.0 version to be released to the SaaS Team community on June 15th. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

New Interface Sneak Peak: We’ve added a dash board with value stream. Stay tuned for more.


LinkedIn Group – Microservice Configuration Management

DeployHub has started a LinkedIn Group on Microservice Configuration Management. If you are interested in sharing on this topic, please join and submit your events, questions, Meetups etc.


Upcoming Webinars

CNCF Webinar Series – Pivoting Your Pipeline for Microservices

July 1st, 1PM PT

When you begin your Cloud Native journey, you’ll quickly find that your current CI/CD pipeline is not going to make the grade. Kubernetes is finally moving us away from a monolithic approach to software development towards a service-based approach. This means each microservice will have its own life cycle and be independently deployable. This is the game changer. While you can force your current CI/CD pipeline to support microservices, this isn’t an optimal approach. With a cloud native environment comes new complexities. Just as a start, your configuration management shifts from check-in and build where linking is resolved, to a container build and run-time APIs. Join Tracy Ragan, CEO of DeployHub and CDF Board Member for a review of what a K8s pipeline look like, and how your current pipeline is disrupted. Meet Nathan Martin of Sagecore Technologies who will provide us a real world case study on managing microservice configuration with DeployHub and routing with Istio in a modern pipeline.

On-Demand Webinars

CD Foundation Webinar Series: Evolving Your Pipeline for Microservices 

As you migrate to microservice you will quickly begin to see that your CD pipeline needs some tweaking. With microservices you shift your focus to pushing loosely coupled and independently deployed services to your cluster versus installing a complete software application. You no longer have a broad packaging step that defines an application version in the same way as you do in traditional methods. Tracking your application versions is still critical to the overall health of your CD pipeline from tracking change requests to making data-driven decisions about new releases. In this webinar, we will review how you can use DeployHub to map and version the logical view of your application even when it has been decoupled. We will show how DeployHub evolves your CD pipeline to support a microservice implementation while still tracking your application’s complete configuration.

Presented by Tracy Ragan, DeployHub CEO and CDF Board Member



Learning to Containerize your CD Pipeline with Jenkins X

CI/CD CDF Online Meetup hosted by DeployHub

Jenkins users, are you ready to containerize your continuous delivery pipeline? In our May meetup, we will be learning from Per Bergman on using Jenkins X. If you have been hearing about Jenkins X and considering a shift from traditional Jenkins, this meetup will help you start moving in the right direction.

Presented by: Per Bergman, Senior Architect, https://ztech.io @bergman pbergman@ztech.io



Featured Blog

A Domain Catalog for a Domain Driven Design

Moving to microservices should start with a good Domain Driven Design strategy. How do you keep track of the microservices you are writing beyond a microservices ‘registry?’ You catalog them based on their Domain ‘solution spaces.’



Ortelius Open Source Community

Please help build out an Open Source Community

Ortelius Open Source project needs you. It is a place for us to work together and improve the tools and solutions needed for continuous configuration management of microservices. Please find us Github and get involved in any way that suits your skills and interests. This really is a community effort. We will be building out the Ortelius community in July including the addition of Project Ambassadors. Email us at request-info@deployhub.com if your are interested.