Get Control of Your Microservice Sprawl

Got unruly microservices? That’s great. Microservice sprawl is an indication of your progress. Now you just need the right solution to tame the sprawl. DeployHub Team is the answer. Based on the Ortelius Open Source project, DeployHub Team is a free microservice management platform that gives you full control and visibility over your microservices relationships, versions, and installed locations across all clusters. DeployHub’s dashboard of microservice configuration and deployment data puts you in control over your microservices.

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Here's Why


Improved microservice organization and sharing

Create a flexible and dynamic ecosystem of microservices. Publish and share microservices to the DeployHub Team Domain Catalog to make it easy to find and share services. Our Catalog creates a central ‘Hub’ of published services facilitating the reuse needed to minimize sprawl by as much as 50%.


Maps so you don’t fly blind

Visualize microservices and their relationships with maps and reports exposing microservice deployment meta data and service to application relationships. DeployHub team creates a unique version of every microservice update, and tracks that change to a new application version. It then generates the relationship maps showing microservice impact, application difference maps and bill of material reports for every ‘logical’ application.

continuous configuration management

DevOps @ scale with your existing pipeline

Enhance your continuous delivery pipeline. DeployHub Team adds continuous configuration management and deployments to your continuous delivery pipeline for fast and safe microservices releases. No major retooling required. Integrates with Helm, Ansible, or your choice of deployment engines.

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