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DeployHub Automates the Creation of Decoupled Application Versions

DeployHub Delivers ‘Logical’ Application Views and Versions

A ‘logical’ application view in a decoupled architecture is critical for understanding the software supply chain of a single solution delivered to end-users. DeployHub defines a logical application version based on a collection of component versions.  In monolithic software development, the application version serves as the ‘north star’ for identifying what software the end user is actually running. It is no different in a decoupled application.

The real difference is in how our CI/CD pipelines are executed. In a decoupled architecture, the CI/CD pipeline independently deploys decoupled components all day long. Every time a component release is pushed to the end user, they use a different version. And if a problem occurs, the end user refers to the application version they are using. Decoupled application versions are lost without a monolithic application build process that includes naming the application version.  DeployHub restores the application version automatically. Each time a component dependency is updated, every application that consumes that dependency is given a new application release configuration.

Application Baseline Component Dependencies

Demo - Components and Logical Applications

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