May 2021 Newsletter

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A Message from Tracy

This has been a busy month recording sessions for DevOps Online Summit, cdCon 2021, Jfrog SwampUp, and GitOpsCon. Thank you to our DeployHub partners and friends who have invited me to talk about both Ortelius and DeployHub. The need for microservice management, particularly visualizing your blast radius, is beginning to pick up steam.

The Ortelius open source community is becoming an amazing diverse group from all over the world. They will be a team that performs miracles. On May 20th, they will be celebrating contributors and hosting a mini microservice event. In addition, they are looking for insights into your microservice maturity. Please help them by completing this 7 question survey.

I do hope to see you on the virtual conference circuit. There is much to learn, and these virtual events make learning accessible to all.


Tracy Ragan, CEO DeployHub

Manage Your Microservices

Simplify and manage your microservices with DeployHub Team. DeployHub Team is a free SaaS edition based on the Ortelius Open Source Project. Try out the sample ‘Hipster store’ to see how we put the microservice puzzle together. This free edition provides 80% of the functionality of DeployHub Pro with unlimited Users, Applications and deployments to unlimited endpoints.

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The Ortelius Open Source team will be celebrating their contributors and hosting a mini microservice conference on May 20th. Please Join us – Learn more.

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