A Microservice Dashboard

Ortelius Open Source

DeployHub Team’s microservice dashboard makes the shift to microservices painless. This free version provides you the organization, tracking, and visibility needed to succeed in cloud-native development. It is fully functional with no annoying limits. And because DeployHub Team is based on the Ortelius open-source microservice platform project (Linux Foundation Incubating Project), you can reach out to the open-source community for tons of help and support. Join the community Discord channel and start a discussion. Open an issue on GitHub

A microservice dashboard to organize thousands of services.

microservice dashboard Component Catalog

Track unlimited microservices and versions

Use our microservice dashboard to organize unlimited services. Register and manage microservice ownership, licensing, CVEs and deployment requirements.

A microservice dashboard for tracking your application changes.

Unlimited Applications and Application Versions

Package as many microservice applications as you require. Our microservice dashboard tracks applications and new versions of applications based on the changes coming from the microservices they use.

microservice dashboard application view

A dashboard for visibility across teams.

microservice dashboard user view

Unlimited Users

Everyone can have access to the critical information in our microservice dashboard. You can have as many users as needed. We don’t restrict who can take advantage of the catalog and data. You can add Support Teams, DBAs, Infrastructure Teams, API Developers, and yes Auditors.

A microservice dashboard for inventory management.

Track your deployments across your organization.

Our microservice dashboard provides microservice version management, showing you where a particular microservice version is running – across all clusters. There is no limit to the number of clusters or microservices.

microservice dashboard Endpoint view

Free SaaS Signup.

 SaaS Sign-up

Signup and Get Started

Get started building your microservice dashboard by signing up for DeployHub Team’s SaaS offering. This version is based on the Ortelius Open Source Microservice Platform Project. Join the community of users who have already started registering, sharing, and deploying their microservices across teams and clusters. Microservices don’t have to be complex. Start simplifying them today.

If you want to execute deployments from the SaaS version, you will need to secure your environment with our Reverse Proxy.


Got questions?  Join our Discord channel and start a discussion. Open an issue on GitHub.

Install on Premise

A local version of DeployHub

If you would like to install a local version of DeployHub Team, we have provided an easy container installation. All that is required as a prerequisite is Docker.  You can also create your own private hosted DeployHub Team environment for your Users.