Featured WhitePapers & Blogs

This whitepaper covers how your CI/CD pipeline will be disrupted when you shift from a monolithic development approach to a microservice architecture.
Moving away from monololithic style software development shifts the configuration issues from source code to microservices. This whitepaper discusses the upcoming challenges faced by teams moving to independently deployed services.
Navigate the Microservice Deathstar
This blog covers how configuration management is shifted to runtime in a microservice implementation.  Learn how DeployHub navigates the microservice deathstar with runtime configuration management.
Migrating to microservices requires you start thinking about how to organize your applications based on components and how those components are to be organized.  A Domain Driven Design is key to your long term success in microservices architecture.  This whitepaper introduces the concepts.
As you shift away from monolithic pipelines, you will be faced with a few new challenges to support Kubernetes and microservices. This whitepaper covers what these challenges will be and how DeployHub addresses them.
Now that software builds are small, or non-existent, the versioning and config. management tasks have shifted to run-time. This whitepaper explores this change.
This whitepaper shows how to use your Jenkins Pipeline to orchestrate continuous deployments to production with DeployHub.