2020 Newsletter: Webinars, News & More

2020 Newsletter

Message from Tracy Ragan, CEO, DeployHub: 

So we are well into the frozen months. The time of year when watching a Golden Knights game becomes my favorite entertainment.  Really though, the best part of winter is becoming super focused on improving our product roadmaps to make the process even easier for you. Our team will be working on that and new feature development over the next 90 days.  

Our 2020 resolution is to make DeployHub your ‘go to’ solution for configuring, versioning and deploying your application’s microservices to the applications that consume them.  With that, DeployHub becomes your ‘single source of truth’ for tracking application to service dependencies, knowing when to deprecate and understanding change impact. There is so much to do in the area of microservice configuration management.  It’s going to make 2020 a very exciting year. Consider becoming part of our Open Source team.  We could use your insights.   Join us!    

Happy New Year to you all.

Tracy Ragan

CEO DeployHub, Microservices Evangelist, & CD Foundation Board Member





 Predict 2020 Virtual Summit


January 23rd, 2020 10-5PM ET

Join DevOps.com and DeployHub for the Predict 2020 Virtual Summit.  Visit us at our booth.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to gather tons of information from the comfort of your own office.  And if you attend, don’t miss Tracy on the k8s panel discussion. 

Panel Discussion – Continuous Delivery in K8s World

1:30 pm – 2:00 pm

Brendan O’Leary (GitLab), Shawn Ahmed (CloudBees) and Tracy Ragan (DeployHub)

Panel Topic:

Kubernetes and the containers it manages have totally disrupted the infrastructure world including DevOps. Or has DevOps enabled this K8s disruption? In any event CI/CD will never be the same.  New players, new methods and new tools are on the horizon or just rolling out.  What can we expect in the CD space in a world dominated by Kube?



Developer Week – Oakland CA


February 12-16th, 2020 

Join 8,000 Developers at the World’s Largest Developer Expo + Conference Series.  If your there, don’t miss Tracy’s talk:

Pivoting Your Pipeline from Monolithic to Micoservices

Presented by Tracy Ragan

Friday February 14th, 11:30 PT

When you begin your Kubernetes journey you’ll quickly find that your current CI/CD pipeline is not going to make the grade. Kubernetes is finally moving us away from a monolithic approach to software development towards a service-based approach. This means each microservice will have its own life cycle and be independently deployable. This is the game changer. While you can force your Kubernetes design to handle a monolithic pipeline by defining a separate cluster for Dev, Test, and Prod, this isn’t an optimal approach and dilutes the entire purpose of using microservices in the first place. This session will cover the new CI/CD landscape that makes K8s pipelines possible.

DeployHub can provide you a free ‘Open’ pass allowing you access to Keynotes, the exhibitor floor and all ‘open’ sessions. 

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CI/CD CDF Meetups 

Thursday, January 16, 2020

11:30 AM to 1:00 PM (ET)

ISTIO Use Cases to Bring Stability & Security into Your Kubernetes Environment

Presented by: Nathan Martin, co-founder and President of SageCore Technologies.

Nathan Martin will talk about a real world use of Istio and how to introduce stability, visibility and security into your Kubernetes platform. Specific topics will include:

  • microservice version control;
  • service routing and deployment procedures;
  • visibility and debugging tools;
  • migration from non-istio control plane , what we learned in our transformation;
  • cluster upgrade benefits and methodology.

Lunch provided. We hope to see you all there. If not, join us on Zoom.

BigByte.cc Corp.

123 Central Ave NW · Albuquerque, NM


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Get Involved with the Ortelius Project

Add a Plug-in

DeployHub is built on top of the Ortelius open source project. Abraham Ortelius was the first person to create a world atlas.  A fitting description of what we do with microservices and components.  He would be proud.

You can get involved by adding a Plug-in such as cluster provisioning using Terraform or Rancher,  integrating with Spinnaker, or calling DevSecOps prior to a release. The project needs you. 

Learn more at Ortelius.io




Blog Post ‘Must Reads’


Helm and DeployHub for Microservice Releases 

We often get questions on how we are different from Helm. Helm and DeployHub are not competing products, but adjacent.  In the DeployHub world, Helm is a deployment action that gets versioned along with all of the other meta data that makes up a microservice deployment.   This blog explains the details of how to integrate Helm into DeployHub.

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Navigate Your Deathstar 

See what it means to navigate your Kubernetes deathstar and why configuration management is so critical. Yes, we are talking about versioning an entire cluster. Subscribe to our channel on Youtube while you’re there. 

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Partner Webinar

Pivoting your Pipeline Deployments from Monolithic to Microservices

using CircleCI and DeployHub

Wednesday, February 19th, 10AM ET

If you are working in a microservice architecture, you may have found that managing microservices in a CD workflow is very different than what you are used to.   In this webinar, we will explore how to pivot from a monolithic CD model to a microservice based model where small services are independently deployable across many workflows.  This webinar will cover the different tools that you will need to include in your orchestration pipeline and will show how this shift requires updates to the CD process in order to reign in, track and control the many moving parts of a microservice based approach. We will explore how the microservices pipeline will create 4 main pipeline challenges:

  • Shifting from monolithic application releases to independently deployable services;
  • Tracking microservices to the logical view of an application;
  • Finding and sharing reusable microservices;
  • Tracking microservice versions and configurations.

Because your existing pipeline process will need to be tweaked to fit into a microservice model, we will break down the challenges providing you a great starting point for building out your future K8s Pipeline using CircleCI for pipeline orchestration and DeployHub for configuration management and release.

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