DeployHub is based on Ortelius, an open-source microservice project incubating at the Continuous Delivery Foundation (Linux Foundation).

DeployHub provides a free hosted version of Ortelius open-source project, called DeployHub Team, so you can get started quickly. Using DeployHub Team, you can start with a single project and learn how easy it is to begin governing your microservices using a central catalog. The free version of DeployHub helps developers, DevOps, and security teams understand dependencies, SBOMS, vulnerabilities, impact, and ownership.

Ortelius, the open-source microservices management platform, was contributed to the Continuous Delivery Foundation by OpenMake Software and DeployHub in December 2020. The core of DeployHub’s microservice catalog tool is based on the Ortelius open-source project.

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DeployHub Team is a free, SaaS-hosted version of the microservice dashboard that is based on Ortelius. DeployHub Team provides you with all of the features of the Ortelius project with added stability and documentation managed by DeployHub. 

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DeployHub Pro builds upon the Ortelius open-source microservice catalog adding user groups for better access control, simplified release coordination, and better catalog organizations to more closely represent how you run your business. DeployHub Pro is designed to meet the needs of enterprise organizations.

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DeployHub simplifies cloud-native architecture, and catalogs, versions, and tracks microservices. Learn more about our open-source microservice platform, including the difference between DeployHub Team and Pro.

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