Phil Gibbs, Architect and Co-Founder

Inventor, System Administrator, Deployment Expert and Creative Writer

Phil brings 30 years of experience in Development and Operations planning and management to the organizations he serves.  Phil is the master mind behind the agentless features of DeployHub that allows for deployment to be agentless, removing the overhead of deploy “target” agents for managing deployments.  Phil has worked with companies worldwide to improve their build to deploy process and streamline the DevOps handoff of binaries between development and production teams.

Because of Phil’s extensive experience on both sides of the table, development and production operations, he is able to help translate the needs of both teams into solid requirements that can be excepted by all.  Phil has worked in the field for over 30 years serving as a Unix Administrator, a Tivoli Administrator and a software developer.  He is proficient in C, Unix Shell, Perl, Java, and Microsoft .Net and has worked in the Windows, Unix, Solaris, Linux and AIX environments across all levels of the software development lifecycle.  Phil received his Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Computing from the Polytechnic University of Manchester, England.

When he is not inventing some new cool DevOps tool, Phil can be found writing mystery novels.

Social Media:

LinkedIn: @philgibbsuk

Twitter: @philgibbs

Skpye: pgibbs1612