DeployHub Software Supply Chain Security Platform

Are Your IT Teams Serious About Open Source Supply Chain Security?

Some IT teams discuss securing open source, while others are committed to it. DeployHub’s software supply chain security platform is made for teams who are committed to securing open-source software across the enterprise. DeployHub gathers and aggregates software supply chain security data, making it easy to locate open source software across the organization to mitigate risks and fix vulnerabilities fast.

With DeployHub You Can…

Quickly Locate the Open Source You Use

DeployHub Helps You Locate and Manage Open Source Software in Your Supply Chain

Quickly locating where you use a particular open source package is essential for containing a supply chain vulnerability. With DeployHub a simple search based on the package name can quickly provide a list of where the package is running and what the package is impacting. This view can be seen from the component, application or environment perspective.

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Quickly Respond to Cybersecurity Risks Across Your Entire Organization

The DeployHub Platform Unifies Application Security Data to Make it Actionable

DeployHub’s software supply chain security platform continuously consumes and aggregates security and DevOps intelligence, providing comprehensive, end-to-end security insights across the organization. DeployHub harvests security and DevOps data, giving IT teams quick access to the unified information they need to respond to issues and vulnerabilities quickly.

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See the Changes in Your Entire Supply Chain with Historical Comparisons

DeployHub Versions the Continuous Updates to Your Overall Software Supply Chain

DeployHub performs software supply chain versioning by tracking every change to a software component consumed in the supply chain. The DeployHub platform captures component configurations, security insights, and DevOps data each time a software component is updated. Software supply chain versioning is becoming increasingly important to support decoupled, cloud-native development, where thousands of objects are continuously pushed into the software supply chain, creating new versions of components and logical applications all day long.

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Deliver Organizational SBOMs in a Decoupled Architecture

DeployHub continuously consumes and aggregates SBOM Data for Federated Reporting and Actionable Results.

DeployHub gathers and leverages critical SBOM data generated from each piece of software in your supply chain. The core problem with SBOM data is how fragmented it is across hundreds of components. This fragmentation causes IT teams to struggle to locate and address a vulnerability quickly. Instead, IT teams spend critical time searching for and interrogating hundreds of SBOMs for the needed information. SBOMs provide little use sitting in a text file under the build directory or even stored in Git as a historical record.  DeployHub makes SBOMs useful by consuming and exposing the data to be easily acted upon.

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View a Logical Application Version in a Decoupled Architecture

DeployHub Clarifies Decoupled Applications

A ‘logical’ application view is critical for understanding the supply chain of a single solution delivered to end-users. DeployHub defines a logical application based on the collection of component versions used.

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Know a Component’s Blast Radius

DeployHub Shows How a Single Component Update Impacts the Software Supply Chain

DeployHub’s software supply chain management catalog tracks a component’s blast radius based on the applications that consume it. DeployHub can expose a component’s impact and dependencies before it is released. By publishing shared components to the DeployHub catalog, application teams can then package their application base version by identifying the shared components they use. As shared components are updated, DeployHub automatically builds an Impact Analysis list that clearly shows the blast radius for that component, listing all applications that will be impacted, even before you deploy.  In addition, you can automate the notifications of all impacted teams so they know that a new update is coming.

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