Affordable Continuous Deployment for Project Teams

DeployHub understands that there is a continuous deployment disconnect that is due in large part to the cost of purchasing agent based ‘application release automation’ tooling. Hence, DeployHub Pro is priced affordably on ‘Project’ usage, not agent usage. And, DeployHub is agentless.

Subscription pricing (includes Support) Cost
DeployHub Team Free (Hosted or on Prem)
DeployHub Pro

Single Project

$208 per month (Annual Contract)
Unlimited Projects $75K
On Premise Team  Support $25K

In this context, a project is a complete set of components released as a single software solution.  You can have as many components as needed, unlimited users, and unlimited endpoints. Therefore, your purchase is based on which project teams are using DeployHub Pro,  not on how many endpoints may be running in your production environment.