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Software Release Train Management and Planning as a Feedback Loop

DeployHub Pro includes the ability to bundle together multiple applications into a software release train. Others require that you purchase additional add-ins in order to get this functionality. With DeployHub Pro, a software release train can be deployed just as easily as an individual application and preformed on a self-service basis.

The release train planning tool brings the defect tracking functionality together with Environment Calendars in order to present a Release Planner. This chart shows when each application version is due into its respective test or production environments. Overdue applications (that is, applications that were due to be deployed but have not been) are highlighted.

release train planning A chart for each application in the Release Planner dashboard shows the number of open vs closed defects – giving an instant view of the state of each. By viewing the number of open defects along with the scheduled testing time for each Application in the Release, Production Support Teams can easily judge whether the Release is on track or needs to be rescheduled.


Continuous Feedback Loop.

continuous feedback

The DeployHub Pro deployment audit generates a continuous feedback loop,  showing all the application components which have changed as part of the release. The continuous feedback loop shows the Jenkins Build for each one and which defects are associated with each Application and/or Component. DeployHub Pro integrates with Jira, Bugzilla and GitHub to track the change request and Jenkins Build Job to the Component.  These items show up in the continuous feedback loop, allowing for instant visualization of the content of the deployment, traced back to the Jenkins Build and Change Request number, regardless of which bug tracking system is used.