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Salesforce Deployment Managed by Continuous Delivery

Salesforce Deployments can be a bit tricky with one-off scripts. We have customers using DeployHub who want to include updates to Salesforce as part of their continuous deployment, driven by continuous delivery.
Salesforce provides an Ant Toolkit that helps you call the deployment process. We use their Ant Jar as part of the solution. Our DeployHub process allows the deployment to adapt across the pipeline. No static references to environments are kept in the script.

Getting Started

The Salesforce Ant Jar should be copied into the Ant Library directory so the salesforce task is picked up. The following properties are required: User Name, Password, Server URL and Test Level.

  <property="sf.username" value="myusername" />
  <property="sf.password" value="mypassword" />
  <property="sf.serverurl" value="" />
  <property="sf.testlevel" value="RunLocalTests" />


DeployHub enables this deployment to be extended across the Continuous Delivery Pipeline without the need to create another build.xml or a The DeployHub microservice service catalog empowers high-performing software developers to migrate to microservices.