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Top-Down, Self-Service, Collaborative Software Deployment

Self-service software deployment means that each team, from the development team through production, can get their work completed without waiting on someone else. DeployHub Pro uses a Top-down Domain model that creates individual silos. These silos can be managed by different User Groups. A development team can manage its releases, define application packages, create installation logic, and add new users independent of a high level administrator. In the same way, testing, DBAs, and production teams can be assigned their own Environments to manage. And best yet, Sub-Domains can share information allowing testing and production teams to easily consume the application packaging work completed by deployment

To achieve a self-service model, DeployHub uses this top-down approach which allows you to model your environments based on your organizational structure, defining a self-service and sustainable release management solution across teams. Your production team can manage production environments, leaving developers and testers to manage their own environments independently. Collaboration and continuous feedback keeps them all talking to each other.

A Software Release is more than Just One Application

Our approach is different from how our competitors solve the release challenge. Other solutions have you define a release for a single ‘Application’ which represents a single development team. This means that you must redefine objects each time you define a new ‘Application.’ With DeployHub, common objects, such as WebSphere, application components, and IT Stack configurations are shared across the organization through the top-down Domain structure. You define once and use them repeatedly, saving time, reducing errors, and creating a conversation across the dev, test, and production teams, critical to agile.

Do More with Less Staff

And the biggest benefit to a self-service approach is the ability to increase the number of releases that your operations team supports without a substantial ramp-up in staff. DeployHub’s hierarchical and model driven design eliminates development team redundancies, reducing confusion and errors that traditional deployment approaches create. Your team spends less time in long meetings dealing with breaking points and miscommunication and more time delivering frequent releases at lower risk.


Why Do You Need Application Release Automation?