Virtual and In-person Events

Open Source Summit – North America

June 30th 11:15 – 12:05 CT

Exploring the New Continuous Delivery Foundation Interactive Landscape

Presented by Tracy Ragan

The push towards a modern architecture running Kubernetes, containers and microservices is disrupting continuous integration and delivery as we know it. And its about time. This session will cover what changes will be required for building out a new K8s Pipeline that will support hundreds of workflows supporting thousands of deployments daily. We will discuss what is new in the pipeline and what will eventually go away to support a shift from monolithic continuous delivery to a service-based continuous delivery. 4 main pipeline challenges will be reviewed:
• Shifting from monolithic application releases to independently deployable services;
• Tracking microservices to the logical view of an application;
• Finding and sharing reusable microservices;
• Tracking microservice versions and configurations.


Upcoming Webinars

CNCF Webinar Series:  Pivoting your Pipeline for Microservices

July 1st, 1:00 PT

Presented by Tracy Ragan, DeployHub and Nate Martin, Sagecore Technologies

When you begin your Cloud Native journey, you’ll quickly find that your current CI/CD pipeline is not going to make the grade. Kubernetes is finally moving us away from a monolithic approach to software development towards a service-based approach. This means each microservice will have its own life cycle and be independently deployable. This is the game changer. While you can force your current CI/CD pipeline to support microservices, this isn’t an optimal approach. With a cloud native environment comes new complexities. Just as a start, your configuration management shifts from check-in and build where linking is resolved, to a container build and run-time APIs. Join Tracy Ragan, CEO of DeployHub and CDF Board Member for a review of what a K8s pipeline look like, and how your current pipeline is disrupted.  Meet Nathan Martin of Sagecore Technologies who will provide us a real world case study on managing microservice configuration with DeployHub and routing with Istio in a modern pipeline.



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