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April 29th, 8AM PT

As we shift from monolithic software development practices to microservices, our well-designed CD pipeline will need to change. Microservices are small functions, deployed independently and linked via APIs at run-time.  While these differences seem minor, they actually have a large impact on your overall CD structure. Think hundreds of workflows, small of any builds and the loss of a monolithic ‘application.’  Join Tracy Ragan, CEO of DeployHub and Brendan O’Leary, Developer Evangelist at GitLab, to learn more.

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CD Foundation Meetups

This meetup is part of the Continuous Delivery Foundation, the new home of Jenkins, JenkinsX, Tekton and Spinnaker.  Topics cover continuous delivery, microservices, security, Kubernetes and all things DevOps.

Notice – We will hold our next meeting after COVID-19.

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