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DevOps World  September 22-24
Tracy Ragan, Keynote Panelist

DevOps World features keynotes, breakout sessions and networking sessions to bring together global leaders and practitioners to transform the future of software delivery.

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Achieve Business Agility with Microservices and DeployHub

August 20th 10 AM MT

Presented by Tracy Ragan, CEO DeployHub

Business agility means you can respond to your customer demands with a high degree of accuracy and speed. This has always been the goal of agile practices, and is the promise of microservices. The problem is not all organizations have achieved this level of business agility in a static traditional architecture, must less a dynamic microservice architecture. Regardless, bottlenecks in continuous delivery are often found at the production state, where it is most critical. This presentation explores why so many organizations struggle with CD practices across the entire software delivery life cycle. Let’s face it. Updating a .war file, executing a Helm Chart, or pushing out a zip file is easy. So why is a production update so hard? Join us for some answers.

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Our presenter, Murray Resinski, is the Manager and Cloud Architect at O.C. Tanner. Murray has 10+ years of experience in Clinical Data IT Systems and 10+ years of experience in Systems Administration, DevOps, and Cloud Infrastructure. Murray is passionate about open source PaaS projects that provide self-service application management and automation tools to software and test engineers. In his free time, Murray does background visual video projections for local rock bands.
You can find him at

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