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Tomorrow’s DevOps Pipeline – a Radical Shift

2021 DevOps Experience

Tomorrows DevOps Pipeline – DevOps Experience 2021 – October 27th and 28th – Virtual Event

The Techstrong team put on an amazing DevOps Experience this year.  The topic – the Roaring Twenties with a focus on tomorrow’s DevOps pipeline. This years DevOps Experience focused on how the DevOps process has been impacted by changing world events, such as the catastrophe that is Covid 19. We all know how our world changed and the pressures that it created on our DevOps process. Many organizations claim their digital transformation was sped up by perhaps 4-7 years. With the 21st Century upon us, this conference took a deep look forward to all of the great things this transformation enables, and ways to tackle tough problems like Cybersecurity threats, future pandemics, diversity and more. Watch all of the Techstrong Virtual events.

Tracy Ragan was featured as an ‘Insight Speaker’ for this event. Her topic –  Tomorrows DevOps Pipeline, a Radical Shift. Tracy gives us a look at 3 major areas, Version Control, Builds, and Deployments that are being impacted by a cloud native world built on  microservice applications. Her predictions:

  1. Version Control will be less important as code becomes smaller with less branching and merging.
  2. Builds are focused on creating container images. SBOMs, Difference Reports and understanding change impact will be more difficult.
  3. The new world of GitOps will change they way we do deployments.

These are the areas that the DevOps community should begin to look at, understanding what is lost and what is gained. Tomorrow’s DevOps pipeline will need to evolve to correct gaps and simplify a cloud native architecture where microservices are implemented. Key to understanding the challenges is to embrace an architecture where small functions are deployed independently all day long with no static linking. The introduction of the microservice catalog to solve complexities in also introduced.

Hear her insights on the DevOps pipeline version 2022 and beyond.