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DeployHub Unifies Security Data to Make it Actionable

Harvest and Leverage Application Security Best Practice Data

DeployHub is an open-source software supply chain security platform that consumes and aggregates security and DevOps intelligence, providing comprehensive, end-to-end insights across the organization. DeployHub harvests security and DevOps data, giving IT teams the actionable insights they need to respond to issues and vulnerabilities quickly.  DeployHub is added to your CI/CD pipeline to automate the collection and aggregation of this data using a simple command line interface that can also add SBOM generation to the process if you have not already done so.

DeployHub Puts Your Decoupled Application Security Data to Work

A cloud-native decoupled architecture adds complexity to the application security practice. In a decoupled architecture, hundreds of independent updates are moving across the pipeline all day long. Application security data is generated for each deployable object, fragmenting the data across siloed teams and objects. When a high-risk vulnerability is found in a single deployable component, teams need to know where the component is running and who depends on it. This is called the components blast radius. Knowing a component’s blast radius is critical for rapid response. With data fragmented across hundreds of components, it can take months to locate and contain a single CVE. According to JFrog, containing a single vulnerability takes an average of 227 days.

Fragmented Application Security data

To solve this, DeployHub rolls up your application security data produced from the DevOps Pipeline and associates the data with logical applications, environments, and organizational domains.  CISO teams can view the insights from the higher organizational views. Directors can view these insights based on the teams they manage. Developers and their Managers can see the information from the application view. According to Mckinsey and Company 65% to 80% of organizations want more visibility into their security and DevOps logs.


Application-Level Compliance Reporting

DeployHub gathers critical security information about each component in the supply chain. A collection of components represents a logical application delivered to end users as a complete solution. DeployHub makes it easy to understand the logical application’s security compliance by aggregating the component-level information up to the application level. Tracking logical application security details makes it easy for CISO teams to determine if a complete software application is compliant versus viewing the data one component at a time.

More Info - DeployHub's APIs for Data Gathering

API Documentation

DeployHub has a full set of APIs for customizing your integrations, allowing you to connect any DevOps or security tool to your data gathering.

Creating Custom Pre and Post Actions with DMScript

Need to go deeper?  DeployHub’s DMScript allows you more control over your customization of the DeployHub Platform.

Demo - Adding Data Gathering to Your DevOps Pipeline

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