Why Use DeployHub Pro

DeployHub Pro includes all of the microservice management features of DeployHub Team with added benefits of User Group Management, Divisional  Sub-Domains and Release Security. Upgrade to DeployHub Pro to add tighter security and control across your Domains, Environments and Endpoints.  Add a no-touch approval process using DeployHub Pro’s smart calendars.

Achieve full Continuous Delivery

Upgrade to DeployHub Pro if you need more security and control  to satisfy the needs of both development and operation teams.  DeployHub Pro provides you a platform for a complete continuous delivery process allowing the deployment performed at development to be repeated across the life cycle, even at production.

Facilitate DevOps Collaboration

DevOps teams can collaborate on deployment definition based on each deployment environment.  DeployHub Pro allows you to create secure User Groups giving DevOps Teams granular control over development, test and production Environments (physical, cloud, Kubernetes). And because DeployHub separates the deployment data from the deployment definition, you can define a single deployment process that executes the correct data definition for each specific environment.

DevOps @ Scale and No-Touch Approvals

Consistency and control is critical when you are pushing hundreds of microservices across clusters on a daily basis.  DeployHub Pro allows you to achieve DevOps at scale with speed, safety and complete security controls with approvals.  Use Smart Calendars to create a no-touch approval process that keeps your microservices moving across the life cycle without stopping to capture manual approvals.

‘Pay as you go” Pricing Model

DeployHub Pro is priced so it can be implemented at the project team level on a “pay as you use” basis. Pricing is based upon a ‘logical’ application package, which is set of microservices and Components  released as a complete software application to end users. You have unlimited software components, user seats, endpoints and release versions. Generally an agile project team manages a single Application Package.

DeployHub Pro Benefits

Secure your deployment environments with User Groups.

Gives you enterprise level customer support.

Add a more complex Domain structure to match how you do business.

Get more insights with Project Management Reports, Burn Down Charts, and Feedback Loops.

Coordinates the deployment of your release train.

Take advantage of DeployHub Pro’s Smart Calendars for No Touch Approvals.

DeployHub Pro is Easy to Purchase

Pro Subscription Pricing

$208 / month / Per Package ($2500 Per Year, Per Software Package,  billed monthly)

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