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for more control of your microservices.

DeployHub Pro is for enterprise teams needing more security and control around microservice and object sharing. DeployHub Pro includes all of the publishing features of DeployHub Team with added benefits of User Group Management, Division Domains and Release Security. Upgrade from DeployHub Team when you need certain users to have more control over the microservices they manage.

DeployHub Pro is designed to be implemented at the project team level. Pricing is based upon a package, which is set of Microservices, Components, artifacts, DB updates, infrastructure changes, and variables, released as a complete software application to end users. You have unlimited software components, user seats, endpoints and release versions. Generally, an agile project team manages a single Software Package.

DeployHub Pro Benefits

Secured Environments

Enterprise Level Customer Support

Domain Hierarchy for Sharing Across Teams

Project Management Reporting, Burn Down Charts, and Feedback Loops

Release Train Coordination

Smart Calendars for No Touch Approvals

Easy to Purchase

Pro Subscription Pricing

$208 / month / Per Package ($2500 Per Year, Per Software Package,  billed monthly)

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