DeployHub Pro

A Software Supply Chain Security Platform for the Highly Regulated Enterprise

DeployHub Pro’s expanded features are designed to organize thousands of software components and packages across dozens of enterprise teams. DeployHub Pro provides granular User Group access controls and broadens the use of domains to balance risk and control over the sharing of components across organizational silos.

Track Compliance Levels

View compliance levels for cloud-native applications, environments, and organizational domains in one location.

Audit Your Open Source Consumption

DeployHub Pro’s open source software supply chain security platform allows you to manage the risk of open-source usage.  You should always know “who uses Log4J, and where is it running?”

Meet SBOM Regulatory Requirements

Deliver Application-Level SBOMs in a decoupled architecture to meet Executive Order 14028

Track Deployment Trends

Track deployment frequency across all CI/CD workflows using any deployment script or tool.

Track Lead Time to Change

Measure the frequency of changes across all clusters and environments.

Version the Software Supply Chain with Trend History

Version all Components within your Software Supply Chain, minimizing version drift and tracking historical changes.

Two Ways to Add Software Supply Chain Security to Your Process

DeployHub Pro and Enterprise are designed for highly regulated industries. They both offer more control over what software is added to your supply chain and provide broader reporting features with User Group Access controls. DeployHub Enterprise offers unlimited Users and Applications. DepoyHub Pro supports teams with up to 10 Software Applications.

DeployHub Pro and Enterprise

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