A Microservice Catalog for the Enterprise

DeployHub Pro’s expanded features address the needs of the enterprise when managing thousands of microservices across many enterprise teams. DeployHub Pro builds upon the microservice catalog with more granular control over user access, simplified release coordination and broader catalog organizations to more closely represent how your organizational culture interacts.

Show Your Developers Only What They Need

DeployHub Pro allows you to create secure User Groups giving Teams specific access over any DeployHub Object from Domains to microservices. In a large enterprise thousands of microservices can swamp your developers. Giving them specific access to certain Domains and services gives them just what they need, when they need it.

User Groups

Give Teams the Environments They Need

Upgrade to DeployHub Pro if you need more security and control around your Clusters. Allow developers and testers to ‘self-serve’ their own Environments and ‘view’ production configurations giving them what they need to support all stages of your lifecycle.

Environment Access

Add Approval Policies without Stopping Your CD Pipelines

Use Smart Calendars to create a no-touch approval process that keeps your microservices moving across the life cycle without stopping to capture manual approvals. DeployHub Pro allows you to control updates based on a calendar. You can reserve, schedule and block activities using the calendar. When DeployHub Pro is called from your Pipeline, it checks the calendar to determine if the Cluster is open for business. If it is closed, it fails the push.

Environment Access

Track a Change Request to Your Microservice Updates

In order to track a continuous feedback loop, DeployHub allows you to map a change request to a microservice or Application. This mapping allows you to track the time it took an update to make it from development through release.  Change requests can also be aggregated to a ‘Release’ showing all open or closed issues for a collection of Applications.

Change Requests

Jump on the Release Train

In some cases you may need to coordinate a single microservice update across multiple Applications, creating one big release. DeployHub Pro offers this ability through a ‘Release’ which is a collection of Applications treated has one ‘super’ release.

Release Planning

Get Your Microservices Organized

Building a Catalog for an enterprise requires the ability to model the Catalog after existing organizational structures and siloes. DeployHub Pro offers the ability to create this level of organization within the catalog using ‘Divisional’ Domains. This added Domain level makes it easier to define how microservices should be shared across teams.

Enterprise Domains

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$208 / month / Per Package ($2500 Per Year, Per Software Package,  billed monthly)

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