Why Upgrade to DeployHub Pro

Upgrade to DeployHub Pro for advanced security and release management features such as the ability to create user groups with specific access controls,  manage a release train, track burn down rates or connect your code commits to the final end points where they were installed.

Feature PRO Team
Division Domains for stronger Microservice Organization checkmark
Continuous Feedback Loop from Code Commit to End Point checkmark
Smart Calendars with Environment Security checkmark
Release Train Coordination checkmark
Security Groups and Domains checkmark
Change Request Tracking checkmark
Change Request Burn Down Rates checkmark
Continuous Deployment – Reduces deployment times by 95% checkmark checkmark
Easy to install – safe agentless architecture checkmark checkmark
Deployment Version Control Engine for tracking deployment revisions checkmark checkmark
Integrates with Infrastructure Configuration Management checkmark checkmark
Push or Pull deployments with version ‘jumping’ checkmark checkmark
Database Management Support checkmark checkmark
Pre-Built Reusable Deployment Actions and Workflows checkmark checkmark
Jenkins, Bamboo and CloudBees Plugins checkmark checkmark
Multi-Platform (Linux, UNIX, Windows, z/OS, iSeries, Cisco Routers) checkmark checkmark
Rollback and Roll Forward Recovery checkmark checkmark
Environment Modeling and Management checkmark checkmark
Continuous Feedback Loop from Build to End Point checkmark checkmark