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DeployHub Team SaaS for Tracking Your Supply Chain

Regain an understanding of your application’s security profile. DeployHub Team SaaS is a free microservice dashboard to get you started with collecting and centralizing your supply chain intelligence. At a 10,000 foot view, DeployHub Team provides a method to track the collection of Components that make up your supply chain. Components are individual services, such as microservices. These individual services change quickly, creating new component version composition, along with SBOM, CVE data, and how it impacts the ‘logical’ applications that consume them.  DeployHub Team offers a free dashboard for cataloging, versioning, sharing, and tracking your supply chain across the teams who use them and the environments in which they are installed.


The Short Path – DeployHub Team SaaS

DeployHub Team SaaS is a free hosted version of the Ortelius open-source Catalog under the governance of the Linux Foundation’s Continuous Delivery Foundation.  This is the quickest way to track your supply chain, including your open-source package usage. Below are the steps to get you started.


First Step Sign up

Sign up to use DeployHub Team. You will be asked to complete the sign-up form with basic information, including the company name and project name. Hit “Signup” once you’re done.

DeployHub Team SaaS Signup:

Note: Company name is used as part of the domain-driven structure of DeployHub Team. The company name you entered will be created as your company Domain, referred to as your Global Domain. Also, your project name will be used under your company Domain. As soon as you signup, a new Hipster Store sample application will be provisioned under your project. You will also receive an email from DeployHub. That email will contain your unique user ID and client ID, along with other links and useful information.

Yes, the next logical step is to go and check your email for the signup info. From the email, you will need your client ID.

Accessing DeployHub Team SaaS Console

Access the DeployHub console page with the following link: You will be presented with the DeployHub Team SaaS login. Fill in your credentials to authenticate yourself into the DeployHub Team console.

DeployHub Team SaaS Login


Conclusion and Next Steps

Congratulations, you are now ready to start using DeployHub Team. There are two ways to get started. First, explore DeployHub using the Hipster Store Tutorial. Second, complete a Proof of Concept that automates DeployHub Team via your CI/CD Pipeline. Once you understand the basic concepts of DeployHub Team, you will want to explore how the data collection can be automated via your DevOps Pipeline. Automation is critical to continuously track your supply chain, SBOMs, CVE, and other DevOps intelligence. DeployHub Team uses the Ortelius Command Line Interface to automate the data collection. We have provided a suggested POC starting point which includes the CLI integration.

Download the Proof of Concept Documentation and start tracking your supply chain continuously and make what is hard about a decoupled cloud-native architecture easy.