Take Control of Your Software Supply Chain Security

DeployHub allows development and CISO teams to confidently balance the risk of consuming third-party and open-source software with the need for rapid development and deployment.

DeployHub’s Software Supply Chain Security Platform makes it easy for Developers to view third-party and open-source software security risks. DeployHub’s centralized intelligence allows IT teams to respond to cyberattacks while rapidly supporting high-frequency software releases. CISO teams use DeployHub to manage security compliance across the entire organization without slowing down release goals. If you are serious about securing the software you deliver to end users without slowing down your software updates, start defining your software supply chain with DeployHub Team. DeployHub Team is our free offering based on the Ortelius open-source project incubating at the Continuous Delivery Foundation.

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Software Supply Chain Security Platform Insights

Software supply chain management

Fragmented software supply chain security evidence is ineffective as it hampers a comprehensive understanding of an organization’s overall security posture. DeployHub’s software supply chain security platform gathers, analyzes, and interprets security and DevOps data across the entire organization, allowing IT teams to respond rapidly to vulnerabilities and cyberattacks. DeployHub’s software supply chain security platform serves highly regulated industries such as space exploration, government, and banking, tracking open-source usage across hundreds of endpoints and containers in a decoupled architecture.

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Security Challenges

DeployHub Addresses Supply Chain Security Challenges

300 percent

Over 26,000 vulnerabilities were reported in 2023, a 300% increase from 2022

Source: National Vulnerabilities Database

increase in cyberattacks

Growth rate of malicious software supply chain attacks from 2019 to 2022.

Source: Sonatype

days to containment

Average number of days to locate and contain an attack.

Source: JFrog

Platform Use Cases

Are Your IT Teams Serious About Supply Chain Security?

Some IT teams discuss securing their software supply chain, while others are committed to it. DeployHub’s software supply chain security platform is made for teams who are committed to securing software across the enterprise. DeployHub gathers and aggregates software supply chain security data, making it easy to locate third-party and open-source software across the organization to mitigate risks and fix vulnerabilities quickly.

Quickly Locate and Manage Open Source Software in Your Supply Chain

With the DeployHub platform, you can quickly locate and manage open source software in your supply chain.

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Compliance Audit Report

View Security Compliance Across Your Entire Organization

DeployHub provides comprehensive, end-to-end security insights across the organization, so IT teams can quickly respond to risks.

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Aggregated SBOM in a decoupled architecture

Easily Aggregate SBOMs in a Decoupled Architecture to Meet Regulatory Requirements

DeployHub helps CISO and Development teams working in a decoupled architecture to comply with Executive Order 14028 on SBOMs

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Software Supply Chain Security Platform - Data and Usage

What are the Unique Attributes of Security and DevOps Data?

Software supply chain security is based on each individual OS package, with its unique security attributes. The attributes include provenance, SBOMs, CVEs, consuming applications, transitive dependencies, versions, and inventory across all deployed environments. The attributes of an OS component change over time, impacting all consuming applications and other dependent services.

The DeployHub platform improves Software Supply Chain Security by collecting, tracking, and aggregating critical data, showing trends, usage, and inventory to provide the intelligence needed to respond to open-source risks. DeployHub provides a ‘predictive’ platform for taming the use of open-source in your supply chain before it is deployed.

What is critical for managing Your Software Supply Chain Security?

To understand and manage your  software supply chain security, the following must be known:

DeployHub continuously harvests this software supply chain security, providing IT teams with up-to-date insights needed to respond to cyber threats within minutes, not months.

Who Needs Open Source Software Supply Chain Security?

Data around open-source software supply chain security is needed across all IT teams, including developers who produce and consume shared components and OS software, Chief Information Security Officers, DevOps teams, and Site Reliability Engineers. The core purpose of gathering and managing this data is to provide everyone, from the API developers to the production support teams, with essential information needed to quickly respond to cyberattacks and production vulnerabilities that are caused by a commonly shared OS package. 

Software Supply Chain Security for Developers

Federating software supply chain data helps IT teams understand every piece of software they use, even transitive open-source packages. This information is critical to understanding the security and risk of consuming objects without hours of toil. 

Open Source Software Supply Security for Operations.

Federated open source software supply chain security data provides operations a clear map of where open-source is consumed across production environments, with vulnerabilities aggregated to the higher order versus one component at a time. The primary goal is to help support teams and SREs identify risk and the blast radius of a vulnerability as quickly as possible.

DevOps Teams and Open Source Software Supply Chain Security

Federated software supply chain data allows DevOps teams to track the changes and trends in the software supply chain. DevOps Teams who manage pipelines use this data to determine where a component version is installed. This is critical information with high-risk vulnerability. Open source software supply chain security insights can also track who consumes the service as a dependency and manage the blast radius of a high-risk component.

CISO Teams and Open Source Software Supply Chain Security Insights

Security Officers must comprehensively view their organization’s security profile based on every piece of software consumed across all teams. Open source software supply chain security must be aggregated to make the data useful for CISO teams. SBOM data, CVEs, and open source inventory gathered across the organization provide the information needed to understand security compliance across all teams, giving CISO a single pane of glass for viewing security concerns.

Platform Solutions

open source communities

DeployHub Team For Small Teams and Open-Source Communities

DeployHub Team is the free SaaS version of our software supply chain security platform. It is designed to help smaller teams and open-source communities understand the composition of the software they produce.  Our free platform allows open-source communities to register and share their components and critical security insights. DeployHub Team is based on the Ortelius.io Open-Source Project, Linux Foundation. Learn More. 


DeployHub Pro for The Highly Regulated Enterprise

Designed for highly regulated industries such as space exploration, government, and banking, DeployHub Pro has expanded features designed to organize data across Domains, Groups, and Users. DeployHub Pro enables teams to restrict, share, and reuse software components and dependencies, keeping developers, testers, and support teams continually informed about the software in their supply chain.

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    software supply chain catalog

    Software Supply Chain Security Platforms Explored 

    Cloud-native architecture makes the cybersecurity challenge even more difficult. Understand how DeployHub’s Software Supply Chain Management can simplify the complexities.

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    application security and DevOps

    Adding Application Security into Your DevOps Pipelines

    This whitepaper will provide you with a clear understanding of how to harden your DevOps Pipeline using open-source tools at a minimal cost.

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    Key Concepts

    Software Supply Chain Management

    Software supply chain management involves locating, assessing, and mitigating risks associated with consuming open-source software components into the software delivered to end users.

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    Software Composition Analysis

    Centralizing and automating the collection of component-level Software Composition Analysis is essential in the DevSecOps toolbox for cloud-native architectures. Learn how software composition analysis (SCA) changes in a decoupled architecture.

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    Software Bill Of Materials (SBOMs)

    Software Bill of Materials, or SBOMs, expose software libraries that your developers consume from open-source and third-party packages like compilers and languages. Read more about the types of SBOMs and why the data is essential.

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