A Catalog for Project Teams

DeployHub Team is designed to fully support project teams who want to manage and ship their services from a central catalog. It is a fully functioning solution with no ‘road blocks.’ DeployHub Team is based on the Ortelius Open Source Project.

Unlimited Microservices and Versions

Register and manage as many microservices, database changes, and infrastructure objects as you need. There is no limit to the number of Components or Component Versions.

Component Catalog

Unlimited Applications and Application Versions

Package as many Applications as you require. Applications are a collection of Components. There is no limit to the number of Applications or Application Versions.

Component Catalog

Unlimited Users

You can have as many Users as needed. We don’t restrict who can take advantage of the catalog and data. You can add Support Teams, DBAs, Infrastructure Teams, API Developers, and yes Auditors.

Component Catalog

Agentless and Unlimited Endpoints

Endpoints are the targets to which you deploy. There is no limit to the number of Endpoints – and DeployHub Team is agentless.

Unlimited Endpoints

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DeployHub Team (OSS) Docker Image is found on the DockerHub Container Catalog
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