DeployHub Team Lets You Take Control

DeployHub Teams’s microservice management platform adds control and organization to your microservice architecture.  As the popularity of microservices increases, so does the complexity and confusion. DeployHub Team empowers you to achieve business agility through a managed approach to your microservice architecture. It eliminates the complexity and guesswork common in microservices by providing a centralized view of microservice usage and sharing across clusters and teams

DeployHub Team puts the Application back in a Microservice Architecture

DeployHub Team gives you a view of your ‘logical’ applications created by your microservice patterns and usage.  With DeployHub Teams’ microservice configuration management, microservice versions are automatically updated creating new versions of the consuming applications and displaying the information you need to make important deployment decisions.

DeployHub Team’s versioning process creates dependency and impact relationship maps so you always know exactly how a microservice update is going to effect any particular cluster. Rollbacks, roll forwards, and version jumps are made easy through proper microservice continuous deployments.  Best yet, there are plugins to integrate into your CI/CD process that supports a unique Kubernetes pipeline.

And those scripts you have been using, well, DeployHub Team can call them as part of your package, and version the changes as needed.