What gets us excited…

DeployHub’s mission is to empower organizations to achieve business agility through a managed and secure approach to microservices.  The members of the DeployHub Team are recognized experts in life cycle and configuration management and have applied that knowledge to a cloud-native architecture.

What makes us different…

Unique to the DeployHub offering is its ability to version independently deployed components, like microservices, along with critical configuration details, including who consumes them.  The versioning engine aggregates critical data, like SBOMs, to the ‘logical’ application level, creating new versions each time an underlying component changes. DeployHub’s microservice catalog eliminates confusion about what version of a microservice is running in a specific cluster, making what’s hard about cloud-native architecture way easier.

What We Offer

DeployHub’s ‘evidence’ catalog versions and tracks the usage of shared components, like microservices, along with their critical supply chain and DevOps intelligence such as SBOMs and inventory. DeployHub provides the core tools for encouraging collaboration across teams and providing the needed insights for building secure, high-quality cloud-native systems at scale.

With us, you can:

Target Audience
  • Security Team
  • API/Microservice Developers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Site Reliability Engineers
  • Operation Teams
  • Support Teams
  • DBAs
Open-Source Community

Partners and Ecosystem

CloudBees Tap
CD Foundation

Ortelius Open Source

Cloud Native Computing Foundation

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If you’re passionate about DevOps, send your resume and details to jobs@deployhub.com for all opportunities.