What gets us excited…

DeployHub’s mission is to empower organizations to achieve business agility through a managed approach to microservices.  The members of the DeployHub Team are recognized experts in life cycle and configuration management, and have applied that knowledge to a cloud native architecture.

What makes us different…

Unique to the DeployHub offering is its ability to version services along with their consuming applications providing the visibility of service impact before a deployment. DeployHub’s microservice catalog eliminates the confusion and complexity common with microservices by providing a SaaS unified catalog of microservice meta data.

Our Mighty Tribe Works Wonders

Tracy Ragan

Tracy Ragan

CEO & Co-founder

Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor

CTO & Co-founder

Bill Portelli

Bill Portelli

Board Advisor

What We Offer

DeployHub catalogs, versions, and deploys microservices across clusters, quickly and safely on a hosted (SaaS) platform. DeployHub provides the core tools for encouraging collaboration across teams and providing the needed data for improving incident responses in a cloud native world. 

With us, you can:

  • Save development costs by facilitating microservice sharing
  • reduce incident response times with microservice ownership meta data
  • achieve business agility through a managed microservice approach
  • perform DevOps @ scale
Target Audience
  • Agile Development Teams
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Site Reliability Engineers
  • Operation Teams
  • Support Teams
  • DBAs
Supported Environments
  • AWS Lamda
  • SalesForce APEX Classes
  • OpenShift
  • Kubernetes
  • CloudFoundry
  • Traditional – Windows, Linux, AIX
Open Source Core
  • Ortelius Open Source Project
  • Jenkins, Bamboo, CircleCI, MS VSTS, GitLab
  • JenkinsX Tekton, Puppet Relay, JFrog Artifactory
  • Git, GitHub, SVN, Harvest, Perforce, MS TFS, 
  • Quay, RedHat Container Catalog, DockerHub
  • Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Helm, Operators
  • AWS Code Deploy, CloudFoundry, Google CloudBuild

Kubernetes Pipeline within your CI/CD

We help customers modify their CI/CD process to support a Kubernetes Pipeline process with Microservices.  We are GitHub, CloudBees TAP Advanced  and CircleCI partners.  We are also members of the CD.Foundation and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF.)

Microservice Migration Professional Services

Migrating to Microservices?

We can help. We work with companies in building out a microservice Domain-Driven Design, a critical step in the migration from monolithic to microservice architecture.

DevOps Health Check

We help customers build a solid DevOps roadmap from monoloithic software development to microservices.

Partners and Ecosystem

CloudBees Tap
CD Foundation

Ortelius Open Source

Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Contact Us

Our Headquarters Location

2232 Dell Range Blvd
Cheyenne, WY 82009



Want to work for us?

If you’re passionate about DevOps, send your resume and details to jobs@deployhub.com for all opportunities.