Brian Dawson, VP Strategy & Co-Founder


Speaker, Innovator, Community Building, and Visionary

Brian Dawson, VP of Strategy and Marketing & Co-Founder

Brian has over 25+ years in software development, in multiple roles, giving him a unique macro view of the software development and delivery process. Brian has worked as S/W Eng, Development Manager, Consultant, Solution Architect, Evangelist and Dir. of Product Marketing. Brian has been successful in optimizing software technologies and practices, and communicating technical value and concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences. The past 15 years of his career have included various aspects of applying open-source software to enterprise software development (Subversion, Git, and Jenkins), including market analysis, feature definition, messaging, training development, go-to-market strategy, and more.  Notable accomplishments include the creation of a widely adopted DevOps Maturity Model as a core company and community asset and participating in over 60 conferences, webinars, white papers, books, and articles.

Brian’s professional highlights:

  • Co-authored Building Cloud Native Apps Painlessly
  • #3 DevOps Evangelist finalist in 2018
  • #1 DevOps Evangelist finalist in 2017
  • Participated in the introduction, marketing and growth of the Enterprise Agile category
  • Contributed and credited on over 100 video game titles
  • Board of Directors – Ortelius Open-Source

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